Despite Netflix paying $ 50,000 ransom, hackers leaked Orange is the New Black

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Despite Netflix paying $ 50,000 ransom, hackers leaked Orange is the New Black

During the first quarter of 2017, Netflix reported earnings of $ 178 million, while its subscriber base rose to 98.75 million users in early April, although the company will invest $ 6 billion in original content this year. At the end of April, it emerged that a group of hackers tried to extort money Algeria Mobile Number List from Netflix by illegally obtaining episodes of a company original series. It was the fifth season of Orange is the New Black , which was originally going to be released in the second week of June, but which cybercriminals had in their possession since April. Algeria Mobile Number List

However, Netflix always claimed to have everything under control and never showed despair, in addition to not making calls to the FBI , NSA or the United States government. Now it turned out that it was the group of cybercriminals, The Dark Overlord and that despite the fact that the company tried to rescue the stolen chapters of the iconic series for 50 thousand dollars, the hackers leaked part of Orange is the New Black. According Brother Cell Phone List to the Hollywood Reporter, the failed negotiation took place in May, while the hacker collective was paid by executives at Larson Studios . Furthermore, The Dark Overlord could have stolen dozens more productions from Netflix, CBS and Disney , as they could have hacked into Larson Studios computers.

However, the hackers would have broken the agreement and uploaded to the Orange is the New Black network because Larson Studios involved the FBI. Likewise, the stolen content has gone to The Pirate Bay. With the new data it is clarified that Netflix was affected by one of the studies, that is, the company was not directly responsible or guilty for the leak of its iconic series, and it has not been affected by any brand crisis since then, but quite the opposite.

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