Digital audiovisual advertising: how to reach each generation of users

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Digital audiovisual advertising: how to reach each generation of users

How to adapt audiovisual advertising to each generation
We take as a reference the limits set by the Pew Research Center in the United States to define united kingdom phone each generationThe generations of users according to the Pew Research CenterSource: Pew Research Center How to reach every age group with audiovisual advertising ? Let’s review the keys to achieve it: Generation Z or Centennials If we take as an example the study by Verizon Media on consumer readiness for Christmas 2020, 68% of users who belong to Generation Z (between 18 and 24 years old) appreciate that brands find new and innovative ways to connect with them . Perhaps for this reason, Centennials are concentrated around highly creative and dynamic social networks such as TikTok or Snapchat, where they actively participate in the consumption and creation of countless micro – videos .

Brand collaborations with influencers also have a great impact on Generation Z, especially if we are talking about live broadcasts or reviews in video format. According to the GlobalWebIndex Influencer Marketing Trend Report , in the last four years, the number of Centennials who follow vloggers and celebrities on social media has increased by 40% . Therefore, advertising this type of audiovisual content is a very effective tactic to attract the interest of the youngest and here we must make a special mention of advertising on Instagram .Generation Z has sometimes been called “dispersed”, since they are hyper-connected users who consume audiovisual content in a very intensive way, jumping from one platform to another . Digital audio plays an important role here too, as many Centennials have turned to digital audio rigs as an escape route from so much screen exposure. For example, on Spotify they are already the majority group with 26% (although Millennials are almost on par with 24%).Although they share many traits with Generation Z users, Millennials are already a more settled generation that revolves mainly around Instagram and Facebook and is very familiar with social commerce and digital video . According to the 2020 Annual Study of Social Networks in Spain, WhatsApp leads the ranking of the preferred apps among Millennials (38%) followed by Instagram (18%) and Facebook (15%).

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On the other hand, Millennials are also characterized by a high consumption of digital  gulf email list  audio , both music and podcasts. In fact, according to Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2020 , in the United States it is the audience group that listens to the most podcasts with 43%, although closely followed by Generation Z with 37%. Therefore, digital audio advertising is also a very useful way to publicize the brand and products aimed at this type of audience .
Podcasts are a very useful way to reach Millennial audiences
3. Generation X, Boomers and Silents
We group the older generations into this third group , since they share common characteristics . A pervasive trait is the “older, less digitized” rule, although the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is driving change. For example, if we take the data from GlobalWebIndex , now 63% of Generation X users and Boomers are using their smartphone for more time , especially to consume information and spend time on social networks.

We have reserved YouTube for this group, as it constitutes the favorite audiovisual consumption channel to which we could undoubtedly add Facebook . In addition, one in three Boomers uses YouTube to learn about a product or service , according to Google data . This, coupled with YouTube’s enormous targeting capabilities , makes video advertising highly effective, although with Millennials and Centennials it is not far behind either. Do not forget that YouTube is the most universal social network .Source: Baby Boomers Audience Report from GlobalWebIndexSource: Baby Boomers Audience Report from GlobalWebIndex
On the other hand, despite the fact that many users of these generations continue to subscribe to pay television services, the current trend points in the opposite direction. According to Comcast , in the United States there is a real drain on subscribers of this type of television platform . In parallel, the use of Connected TV continues to rise even after lockdown according to Nielsen data , making it a very relevant emerging advertising option to reach these audiences.
Audiovisual advertising for an increasingly digital and connected audience
The implementation of 5G technology that allows faster connections together with the accelerated digitization that we have experienced in 2020 has increased the popularity of digital audiovisual content .
Only by knowing the characteristics of the audience can we choose the most appropriate advertising formats and orchestrate effective campaigns. If you have doubts about what strategy to carry out, we encourage you to contact Labelium Play , our division specialized in digital audiovisual environments , so that they can study your case.


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