Digital marketing for back to school 2020 in retail

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Digital marketing for back to school 2020 in retail

Given these changes, what aspects are marking the return to school in 2020? What approach should retailers take to tackle this year’s unusual campaign from a digital selling mobile numbers uk  standpoint?The tone of the messages adapts to the new reality
There is no doubt that there has been a shift in the tone of the messages related to the back to school campaign ; even some outlets like Marketing Dive magazine describe it as “bleak . ” The festive touch of other years squeaks in the current situation, where security concerns have skyrocketed.In fact, according to Google Trends , interest in going back to school has not waned since March in countries that, like Spain, have been immersed in prolonged confinement. The type of conversation has changed: beyond the typical preparations, it has become focused on health and safety . In social networks, the listening tool Sprout Social has identified more than 40,300 mentions in relation to back to school and safety by students, parents and consumers from January to June.
Although users are also active when talking about discounts and back to school, this change in mentality is an aspect that retailers must take into account when developing their promotional messages A different shopping list for back to school 2020
If we look at the data from the annual survey of the NRF ( National Retail Federation ) in the United States , it is estimated that families with children will spend on average almost one hundred dollars more than in previous years. This is explained because they have added new products to the shopping list related to going back to school, some of them oriented towards e-learning .

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More than half of families expect online classes to return in the 2020/2021 academic year and prefer to prepare by buying computers, headphones gulf email list  or even furniture such as desks or chairs . They are also demanding school supplies, hygiene and cleaning products such as masks, gloves or disinfectant gel, as well as clothing and footwear.Products related to e-learning are in greater demand at this year’s back to schoolThese trends in consumption open the back-to-school campaign to new brands , on the one hand, and force general retailers to adapt their product offerings . The adjustment should be more omnichannel than ever, taking into account that, according to Bazaarvoice , consumers are considering using both online and physical stores for their purchases (58%), although online shopping is already the second preference (24%) ). Going back to school is planned from home… and online
With travel restricted and airspace closed in many countries, many families have chosen not to move on vacation. For this reason, audiovisual consumption has not plummeted like other summers and families are spending more time online.If the back to school campaign is characterized by something, it is by the heterogeneity of the public involved in it : parents, young adults, adolescents and children make up a generational mosaic that has very different online customs. Therefore, it is essential to personalize the messages for each group , make an appropriate selection of products and propose a media strategy that focuses on channels that allow deep audience segmentation .

For example, an effective way to reach Generation Z is digital audiovisual media . In fact, according to Statista , in the United States, the most active age group on YouTube is young people between 15 and 25 years old, although it is a medium that stands out for its great global penetration. In addition, the platform has highly effective advertising tools at the conversion level, such as TrueView for Action ads . At the same time, the triumph of audiovisual formats during the pandemic has raised networks such as TikTok , which some retailers are using to enhance engagement with young audiences.Statistic: Percentage of US internet users who use YouTube as of 3rd quarter 2019, by age group | Statista
Accuracy: the secret to extract advertising profitability from this campaign
Despite the fact that global ad spend has been cut by 50% according to Numerator’s Back to School Index for back to school this year, digital marketing strategies allow achieving great profitability by being able to make decisions based on data and accurately measure the performance of each campaign .In any case, the retail sector is faced with a reality in which the offline and online fields are irretrievably intertwined . For this reason, omnichannel analytics is essential to elucidate in real time what is working and what is not, in order to make the appropriate adjustments to the volatility of current demand.

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