Digital Marketing Plan: what cannot be missing?

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Digital Marketing Plan: what cannot be missing?


Many times, due to time and company structure, planning is non-existent or is not given due attention, since there are other priorities or “fires that must be put out”. From there, a big snowball is created and, as a consequence, there is a distancing from the expected results.
In Latin America, about 50% of small and medium-sized companies do not carry out usa numbers list plans. Regardless of the segment and size of the company, planning is essential. What changes is the time spent creating this scheduleA well-constructed Marketing plan allows companies to have a holistic vision about the strategy and actions that can bring better results for the business. At the same time, it helps to minimize the points of attention and enhance opportunities, often in a shorter and faster way, since it was something that was studied, thought and even compared.
Before starting any plan or defining any objective, it is very important that you do a good analysis of your business. The diagnosis does not only consider the current moment of the company, but goes back in time to investigate the history and have concrete data. For a good comparison, it is recommended that the analyzes can evaluate a minimum period of 3 to 6 months.At this time, you can also do comparative analysis with the data of the competition and / or the same segment of companies, to understand where your business is in relation to the Marketing strategies of your niche.

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In addition to comparing them with other companies, the latest actions and results obtained for your own business should be analyzed so that you can have practical answers about what is positive and what needs to be improved or changed in the next executions. gulf email list Knowing the competition is an important issue in Marketing planning, since evaluating their strengths and weaknesses can help you improve your own strategy, since your competitors have the same business niche. ” – Pedro Renan, We Do Logos .When we talk about diagnosis, mainly Digital Marketing, the most important analysis (and one that cannot be missed) is the evaluation of the conversion rates of the Sales Funnel .

Diagnosis is: discovering where the bottleneck of your company is.
Do you need help to make this diagnosis? Use our Sales Funnel Benchmarking toolOnce the diagnosis has been made and you clearly understand the history and the moment of your company, it is time to define your next objectives, which translate into the expected results, in the goal that will be stipulated for a new round of execution.The first point to be analyzed here is where you want to go: attract more Leads? Connect better with your current contacts and / or clients? Make more sales?By defining specific objectives in a previous diagnosis, your company runs less risk of creating unattainable challenges, in the same way that it works safely with its growth expectations. The main benefit of having a defined objective is to help the Marketing team to have clarity, commitment and focus, thus facilitating the realization of the proposed goal.
Here the financial and marketing goals of the plan are defined, in terms of sales volume, market share and profit. The objectives must be drawn with the intention of indicating where the company wants to go. ” – Raoni Silviera, Administrators .
Objective is: from the bottleneck identified in the first stage, define the goals for the next quarter, semester or yearUnlike the objectives, the action plan is focused on defining the practical actions that will be carried out in the short, medium and long term. There are four points that must be answered so that the construction of the action plan can be considered clear and efficient:This last question is essential so that the person in charge of the area can be clear about the investments that will have to be made to obtain the expected results in addition to, of course, ensuring alignment with the financial area of ​​the company.Action plan is: based on the goals set in the second stage, stipulate what actions are necessary to achieve success.

When we talk about building a good and efficient Marketing strategy, we cannot leave aside tools and methodologies that can be useful, facilitating this process both in terms of efficiency and orientation.Currently, RD Station Marketing has a space where the client can build and customize all the Digital Marketing planning of their company.Together with the planning creation tool, we offer orientations that are executed by all our clients. The Growth Machine methodology , when applied correctly, is a guarantee of success.It is a simple methodology, which was built based on the main success stories of RD Station, taking into account the growth and maturity that companies are achieving over timeIn addition to good references and methodologies, working with our platform gives you access to the support of a specialist in the area. Do not stop using that to have different inputs and opinions regarding your Digital Marketing planning. Our specialists have good knowledge of market trends and good practices, so they are very valuable assets for the improvement and evolution of your planning.At RD Station, business consultants perform a quarterly planning / replanning consultancy with all our clients, going through the four stages presented throughout this post.Regardless of the size and segment of your company, never stop investing time to create a good Digital Marketing strategy and planning.
Undoubtedly, it is this planning that, together with the commitment in execution, will guarantee the success of your business.But beware: a long and information-saturated Digital Marketing planning is not synonymous with success. In most cases, a simple and well-done process is much more worth it.

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