Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 to succeed on the Internet

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 to succeed on the Internet

igital Marketing is a very broad area and in constant renewal. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of all the trends and original ideas that arise if you want to be a leader in the network. The trends in Digital Marketing and Social Networks in 2021 will be key for any company.
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Next year will be an especially important year at the level of digital strategy and more so with the situation we are experiencing. There is a saturation of the product without differentiation , being able to find the same type of product in hundreds of stores, small, medium, amazon, aliexpress, etc. This situation means that in order to differentiate ourselves we must put much more effort into developing a good brand experience strategy .

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Jesús Nieto, professor of the Master in Digital Marketing considers that “the pandemic has not distorted the evolution of Digital Marketing but has forced many companies to take it more seriously and invest more in digital visibility. And it is that the pandemic has not changed things, but has accelerated them ”.
With shops, hospitality and shopping centers closed, many companies have had to join e-commerce and digital Dubai Phone Number List as the only lifeline.Artificial Intelligence, the best friend of marketers
During 2021 we will see how artificial intelligence and automation become the true protagonists of digital advertising campaigns. Alejandro Martin, professor of the Master in Digital Marketing comments that “more and more, managers will have to focus more on strategy and on how to increase the conversion of the funnel , and less and less on segmentations, choice of keywords, etc.” And is that some trends like Hagakure have come to stay. It will be increasingly important to reduce the number of campaigns and compact to have more pooled data.In communications with customers or potential buyers, Marketing Automation is already well known. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence, we begin to see new models and very interesting solutions to segment the public .

Without a doubt, for many companies investing in AI in 2021 will allow them to save costs and accelerate growth, thus outperforming their main competitors. Hyperfocus on the client Another of the 2021 Digital Marketing trends, as we have commented, is that having experienced the pandemic situation, many stores, shopping centers and even the hospitality industry or other companies have been forced to close. That has made many consumers have to buy any type of product online.

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During 2021, technology will be used much more to generate better human experiences. In addition, to personalize marketing and sales actions and work on the empathy and trust of the brand towards its potential clients.
The customer demands more and Gulf Email List more self-service and automation.
You want more immediacy and personalization.
We must know our Buyer persona his  Buyer Journey and DATA will help us to create UNIQUE EXPERIENCES.
The moment of truth for SMEs
This year more than ever, small and medium-sized companies are really beginning to be aware of how necessary it is to invest in online strategies. Now you can’t wait any longer. It is the definitive moment and the demand for specialists for corporate communication at all levels will grow even more: social networks, SEO, Social Selling , Ads, among others.

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Jesús Nieto adds that “in the face of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data , Virtual and Augmented Reality, Chatbots … which will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2021, small businesses, SMEs and the self-employed will begin by integrating the easiest into their management , cheap and at the same time useful that it can be to get clients and take away hours of work. And in that, I believe that automated marketing systems can register significant growth, although others consider it little less than exceeded ”.

Programmatic advertising will continue to be a trend in 2021
The programmatic advertising refers to advertising where the advertiser buys the hearings and no spaces, as with traditional advertising. The advertiser chooses the audience they want to target, taking into account multiple details of their profile: likes, demographics, connections, etc. During 2021, programmatic advertising will extend its use by most platforms. Companies are increasingly using this technology to make real-time decisions regarding the ad they want to deliver to customers.

CRM evolves in 2021
The trend of Digital Marketing in 2021 point to a change in the relationship between brand and user. The use of social media communication channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) as CRM tools will also appear as a complement in email marketing campaigns to accelerate the step between customer interest and desire in the Customer Journey and close the purchase.As Roger Bretau, professor of the Master in Digital Marketing comments, “when managing a large number of inbound leads, it is not only very useful to establish lead scoring processes agreed with sales, but also the use of sales enablement tools to that the leads enter into sales cadences automatically ”. In this way, you can minimize the overload of the sales department and at the same time improve the speed of lead processing. In addition, email marketing will also adapt to the demands and preferences of users with greater interactivity.

is the new “promise land”. TikTok is the new trendy social network, getting closer and closer to Instagram with an estimated 800 million users. And it is that during the confinement of 2020 it has gained more strength than ever. This RRSS has a lot of potential, especially from the point of view of advertisers.
Omnichannel Marketing: One of the Strongest Trends
This is one of the Digital Marketing trends in 2021 that has become more relevant. In part it is because the various digital platforms we use are increasingly interconnected. But there is also a new technology on the horizon that could accentuate this change: 5G . Although it has already begun to be implemented, during 2021 it will take all the force there and to be, and there will be many changes in online marketing channels.will allow working with larger formats , both video and images. That will drive the move to much more visual campaigns. At some point email marketing will begin to allow video integration as standard.What do you think of the Digital Marketing trends in 2021 ? Comment and share!
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