Digital Omnivores: The New Species of Users and Consumers

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Digital Omnivores: The New Species of Users and Consumers

The technological revolution has given way to a new breed of consumer, the “digital omnivores.” Term with which users who use various channels to be connected are rated, using a minimum of 3 devices, which they own; that is, smartphone, tablet and laptop.According to the Deloitte report, approximately 37% of consumers could be  free trial call to jamaica considered as digital omnivores, a percentage that has grown considerably in the last year (42%).This proliferation of these multi-device users has been favored especially by the increase in tablet users (33%), and in a less representative way by the purchase of smartphones (18%).
The “State of the Media Democracy” survey shows the significant increase in women as great followers of technology, which in the last 2 years has grown by 35% and already represents 45% of this hyperconnected group.This multiple access to technology continues to encourage multiscreen activity on the part of users. 86% of them turn to their smart devices while watching TV; a habit that has grown 14% since 2011 (72%). A behavior that is especially evident in the case of Millennials, who came to register up to 4 different activities during their time spent in front of the television. Deloitte data reflects that this activity is not always related to television programming; just a quarter of them (22%).



These users also have a voracious appetite for digital content. 68% of them consume online video in streaming. Just twice (36%) than those users who are not multi-device.Digital omnivores are also heavy users of social media. Almost all of them (90%) have a profile registered in Social Media.  gulf email list  The ease of being permanently connected leads more than half of them (54%) to check their social profiles at least 10 times a day. An activity that represents a great opportunity for those brands that develop an active presence on these channels, in such a way that they can promote engagement with their audience and generate conversation around the brand.
The influence of social networks on buying behavior is more than evident. 68% of consumers in the United States indicate that they have taken into account the opinions and recommendations of their 2.0 environment when buying. Likewise, the social activity of anonymous users on social networks is also gaining prominence; 60% of consumers consider that this information also influences their purchasing decisions. Its influence is slightly below television (71%) and exceeds the rest of conventional media.
Digital omnivores are a new generation of information-hungry consumers who have in their hand the ability to actively seek and compare information and recommendations on what interests them. The best way to conquer them lies in earning their trust and that of their 2.0 environment.

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