Digital trends in 2019

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Digital trends in 2019

Today I bring you some of the digital trends for 2019 that will probably continue to contribute their bit in defining future digital habits.If you work in digital buy phone number database malaysia you will already know that this is anything but boring. You have to adapt to the news and offer the user or customer what they demand at all times.
A few weeks ago I was already commenting in an interview for Marketing Mobile about some of the trends in digital marketing for 2019.📲Apps usage growth
The growth in the use of mobile applications will continue to rise in 2019 . Millennials and Gen Z spend more and more time on their smartphone and more specifically on apps. In 2017 we spent an average of 170 minutes on mobile applications compared to 120 on traditional web browsing. Something is changing.
Apart from games and social networks, applications designed to simplify the processes of buying products and services will change the way we search and contract through the internet.Statista 2017The user retention is postulated as one of the priorities of the marketing strategy mobile combat limited space, lack of use or poor user experience.🤖Chatbots consolidation
It is estimated that in 2019 65% of digital users are in contact with a chat managed by intelligent technology (Ditrendia, 2017). Chatbots allow you to simplify digital operations such as checking flights, ordering food, ordering a taxi, looking for a product in an ecommerce, etc.

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Along with voice search, Chatbots will represent a very important change in the way you interact gulf email list  with the internet. Only on Facebook Messenger there are already more than 12,000 Chatbots.
🔊Smart Speakers
Google Home, Echo, Siri, and even Cortana. Undoubtedly the great technological novelty of Christmas 2019 . They still do not have a significant penetration in Spain, but the trend is upward.
We are talking about the need to redefine current SEO to adapt it to a voice search , and more specifically through smart speakers. The key will be to match the business keywords with which these devices detect in the search.

📢Amazon AdvertisingAmazon continues to grow and has long wanted its share of the digital advertising pie. Thanks to Amazon Advertising, many small ecommerce or small brands can sell their products in a large marketplace .ECOMMERCE COST>% OF AMAZON PER SALE?
We must evaluate the cost of an ecommerce (design, layout, servers, maintenance, SEO, RRSS …) and compare it with the% on sales that Amazon retains. In many cases it is the right option for these small ecommerce .👓Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
It is increasingly common to see in the news the use of virtual reality to make approaches that were previously made with digital drawings and graphics. The potential for ecommerce and apps is key in developing the businesses of the future .
Ikea has been one of the first brands to use augmented reality in its app. Also Estiluz, a brand that sells lamps and shows us through its app how they look in our living room.
💡Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
Much is said about artificial intelligence (AI) and marchile learning but we still have a lot to know about its real application to the business world.
One case in which I have seen an application in the marketing world has been to reach a hypersegmented target with a very high return on investment capacity.
With machine learning we can also analyze Email Marketing shipments and through artificial intelligence offer customized solutions automatically. It is a technique that would replace the A / B tests (generally slow).

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