DISC: a methodology to increase your sales results

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DISC: a methodology to increase your sales results

The DISC Methodology is a tool created by Dr. William Marston that classifies people’s behavior into four types: dominance (D), influence (I), stability (S) and compliance (C). The DISC methodology is used to improve productivity at work, communication, and teamwork.
Have you ever felt lost when faced with profiles of totally different people and not knowing how to react to each one? Have you seen salespeople who always communicate in the same way, without adapting to a person’s profile? We believe that at least one of the answers will be “yes.”

This is because we are used to always communicating in the same way. And when a profile of a person  Marketing very different from yours arrives, or from the style with which you are used to communicating, you end up not knowing what to do to generate rapport and many times you can even lose the sale for that reason.

However, to improve this point, there are a series of studies that can help you with this. We chose for this post the DISC methodology, which is already known by companies in the human resources area, to be able to help you to be more and more assertive in sales and to communicate in the best way.

Thus, if you have already gone through a similar situation, know in this post how the DISC can help you to have more results and become an expert in rapport.

What is the DISC methodology?
Used more than 38 years ago and by more than 53 million people, the DISC methodology is a personal assessment tool used to improve productivity at work, communication and teamwork.

The DISC methodology offers a common language, which people can use to understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others in different situations.

The DISC is divided into 4 types of behaviors:It is worth remembering that the objective is to detect the behavioral characteristics of people, such as strengths, motivations, way of managing and communicating.

Likewise, the DISC does not evaluate the intelligence of an individual, does not detect skills and values, and does not consider experience and maturity.

How to apply the DISC in sales?
The use of the DISC methodology comes with the objective of helping you to better identify the profile of your Lead and see what is the best way to act when you contact him. In this way, Russia Phone Number List  having the ability to identify it can translate into professional and personal success and lead to the highest degree of satisfaction in personal relationships.

In this way, by being able to recognize in which letter the person fits, you manage to generate a better rapport, in addition to having the facility to explain how you can help them, thus having more assertiveness at the time of the sale.

Making it clear that we are not 100% a profile, and in certain situations we can behave differently. That is, it can be a person with the Influence profile (I), but at the time of a purchase it ends up resasluting the Domain (D) side. So, it is worth understanding and identifying the profile of the person at the time of purchase, according to some clues that it ends up giving.

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How to identify the DISC of each person?
Now you must be thinking that the DISC of each person must be something very difficult to identify.  Gulf Email List But we have good news: it is not! Each letter of the DISC ends up presenting some aspects that help you to recognize it.

And, to make it easier, we brought a word that refers to the meaning of each letter. That is, you manage to memorize the meanings and be able to identify it in the conversation with your Lead, without having to go to consult a material

As we know that a word will not make you able to fully identify each letter, we also show you the main signs that each behavior exposes.

D – Dominance
The word for that case would be RESULT. They are people who have the following characteristics:

Very active in dealing Marketing with problems and challenges;
Objective and direct, seeking to streamline many conversations;
They look for results at any cost;
They are very fast in the execution of their activities;
Determined and confident;
They seek freedom and independence;
They look for unusual solutions to achieve their goals;
They gesticulate a lot when talking, mainly using their finger to point at something;
Dominant, demanding and energetic.
In this way, when speaking with a person who presents these characteristics, you should focus on the results that your solution will bring to their company, without going into so many details.

I – Influence
The word for that case would be PEOPLE. And the main features presented are the following:

They like to influence others through conversations and activities;
Confident and optimistic;
They are optimal for transmitting information, being very communicative, but more listeners;
Generally disorganized in their tasks and documents;
They tend to be emotional;
They seek to create a solid network of contacts to achieve their objectives;
They speak using many gestures to illustrate the conversation, always behaving enthusiastically and persuasively;
As people of that style are sociable and develop good relationships, that is one of the easiest letters to be identified. You must focus on that side of people and emotions, taking advantage of the optimism that you present to call with your solution.

S – Serenity
The word for that case would be SAFETY. And generally people present the following aspects:

They appreciate constant rhythms and do not like sudden changes;
They give up easily when plans don’t work;
Indecisive in moments that require decisions;
Patient and loyal;
They are more methodical and predictable;
They generally speak without gesticulating so much.
In this way, something that helps you remember about this profile is to associate it with the image of a doctor, who is a person who listens a lot and transmits confidence.

And to be successful with that lead profile you can use success stories to help you prove how your solution is safe and brings concise results, without necessarily having to reinvent the wheel.

C – Compliance
The word for that case would be PROCESSES. The main aspects presented by the people of this profile are:

They value adhering to the rules, regulation and structure;
When they make decisions, they may not be flexible to new ideas;
They are not convinced with “I believe”;
They get stressed when things don’t go exactly the way they wanted;
Very persistent in carrying out their tasks;
Extremely organized, disciplined and dedicated;
They ask quite a few questions;
They work in a very systematic, analytical and logical way.
In this way, the ideal way to communicate with people of that style is to explain the step by step, setting up a simple and clear process for them, bringing enough numbers and data to support your solution.

The DISC methodology when seen for the first time may seem somewhat difficult, but after you start to look at the details and seek to identify each profile, it becomes simple.

Thus, there is no step by step that says that in 5 minutes you will know everything about the person. Ease comes with experience and training. Therefore, seek to go further by identifying the signals that people give about their personality and, in the near future, you will be an expert on the subject.

To help mainly in that beginning, we suggest that you seek to identify your DISC , as that already facilitates when you find someone with the same behavior as yours.

Additionally, bring the motodology to your sales team and make your analysis become routine in a sales process , as it will help your entire team to improve rapport and, in this way, assertiveness in sales.


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