Discount coupons as an online promotion tool

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Discount coupons as an online promotion tool

Several times I have spoken on the blog about discount coupons, however, today I want to do it from a totally different point of view.If you are a faithful reader of the blog, you will have noticed that lately I am writing about eCommerce or online business.
And it is precisely at this point that I want to emphasize discount coupons.So I’m going to get to the point, director.The benefits of discount coupons, as an online promotion tool.
When you have an online business, be it a store, an e-commerce platform or another type of business, such as models like Spotify, getting people to end up buying something becomes vital.Unlike traditional UAE Phone Number List  when you have an online business model, you have to try to motivate customers to action as quickly as possible. This is something that I talked about several times in my Inbound Marketing articles.
And this is where discount coupons come into play.
What kind of discount coupons are there?
discount coupons 1Discount Coupon , courtesy of ShutterStocThe reality is that there are different modalities to use. Here are the most common ones:

Discount coupons: Give people a discount code, so they can enter it when buying something. There are even sites like DiscountCodes.com that collect and offer these discount codes to people.
Category coupons : They are discount coupons that are limited to only one type of category of products or services.2 × 1 Coupons : Discount coupons that give you the possibility of receiving another product or service, but only paying for one.
Themed coupons: Discount coupons offered at certain times, for example during the Christmas season.
Referral coupons : They are discount coupons that you receive for being referred by someone. For example Uber in many countries generates these coupons and discounts, so that its users invite friends.
Future purchase coupons : These are coupons that are obtained when making a purchase, but with a discount for future purchases.There are other varieties of discount coupons, but I have tried to mention the most important ones.What are the benefits of using discount coupons?
discount coupons 2Discount Coupon , courtesy of ShutterStock
Obviously there are many benefits, but from my perspective for online businesses there are two very important benefits:Increase sales: Using discount coupons can have a direct impact on sales and even on the value of the average customer ticket.
Reduce cart abandonment: Obviously it will help us to prevent people from abandoning their shopping cart. People came knowing (or discovered) the discount and that motivates them to buy.
When to use discount coupons as an online promotion strategy?
discount coupons 3


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Discount Coupon , courtesy of ShutterStock
Although I previously spoke about when and how to use discounts, in the online world there gulf email list are different times, although my advice is that they are used mainly in 3 situations.
Attraction Phase: Ideal to take advantage of the use of discount coupons, to attract people to a company or business.
Decision Phase: there is no doubt that online discount coupons are ideal to give that push that the customer may need to make a purchase.
Loyalty Phase: Let’s not forget also the importance of providing online discount coupons to customers who are already loyal to us.
As I always say, in terms of marketing, there are many options and everything will depend on the objective we have in mind, to select the best strategy.
Where to offer discount coupons?discount coupons 4
Discount Coupon , courtesy of ShutterStock
As this article tries to focus on the topic of online businesses, online stores or e-commerce platforms, then I want to share with you some good options to share these discount coupons.
Social Networks: You can take advantage of creating a discount on Facebook, even investing in Facebook Ads to promote a discount code or even a Landing Page so that people leave their data in exchange for one.Discount platform: There are many discount websites and platforms. For example, thanks to one of them, I got a TubeBuddy license for life, for my YouTube channel (I love this tool)
eMail Marketing: You can use eMail Marketing actions to reach your database, whether of leads or customers, with your discount coupons.
Website: If you already have your own website, what better place to have discount coupons than in this space. Ideal even if you manage to get people to leave you their data in exchange for one.
Offline Media: Also use offline media, such as newspapers, magazines or others, to show your discount coupons and for people to use them online.
What risks are there when using discount coupons?

discount coupons 5 Discount Coupon , courtesy of ShutterStock
As I always say, you have to be very careful in the way you use discount coupons, although from an online point of view, the risks decrease.
Why?Something that I always explain to people who sell online is that the product that they are selling through the internet has many less fixed costs than selling them offline. For example, that product may not have in its cost structure the rent of a store, the payment of electricity, water, air conditioning services, nor would it pay customer service or sales personnel and many others.In summary, if your business model is online, your product has a cost structure, much lower than the same product that is sold offline.
However, you have to keep in mind and beware of the following dangers:
Analyze the possible demand well: Offering discount coupons can suddenly cause many people to want to buy from you. You have to have the ability to meet that demand.
Analyze the costs well: Offering a discount and that many people buy from you or that they buy only 2, could generate losses. Be careful how you plan your strategy.
Danger of attracting a non-ideal audience: Although discount coupons can attract many people who would be your ideal customers, many people who only look for offers or low prices will also fall, who then may never buy anything from you again … until the next discount.

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