Do you have unusable electronic devices? Amazon exchanges them for credit

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Do you have unusable electronic devices? Amazon exchanges them for credit

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon accounts for more than 35 percent of electronic commerce in the United States alone, and for the next year it will account for 47.3 percent, and by 2020 more than 50 percent. According to Insider, Amazon allows you to exchange useful but old or unusable electronics for credit to buy on its platform. Apparently this tool was South Korea Mobile Number List public for years, only that it never advertised to promote it. It is almost a gimmick, where the company exchanges products such as literature books, textbooks, electronics, movies, music, video games, consoles or electronic accessories.Apparently, this service is only available in the United States. When having the products ready, users will have to enter the company’s page, then find if their product is eligible for the program. The page will show a number with some amount of money that could be used to buy on the platform. South Africa Mobile Number List

Although the company does not accept any electronic device, the truth is that it does pay more to the credit if the product is in good condition. Then, depending on the amount, an employee attends the user’s home and analyzes the product to reach the agreement and formalize the transaction, which takes a week. The strategy “secret” Amazon do not have other chains, except Brother Cell Phone List for some retail stores, which have years with this service but only to its customers and products purchased in their chains, however, the company Jeff Bezos allows any person joins your product-for-credit exchange program.

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