Does the auspices really work?

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Does the auspices really work?

When I spent most of my time creating advertising, I was always struck by the large budgets allocated to this curious item.What is an advertising sponsorship?
The presence of a brand supporting the execution of a specific event or action. It is the most practical and easy to understand definition.
Surely you have already been exposed to messages such as ” This program is being broadcast Germany Phone Number List thanks to the support of the following brands ” or observing an advertisement full of logos at the bottom.
From this perspective, where brands are sharing space with others, sales cannot be expected from a sponsorship, but rather image. This tells the theory and almost always proves the practice.
But it is not so true.
The auspices need to sharpen   their aim.
HOW MANY BRANDS DO YOU REMEMBER THAT SPONSORED THE LATEST VERSION OF MISS BOLIVIA, DAVOSAN TELEMARATHON OR DAKAR?Suppose you remember some, and the rest? Salute to the flag ( to use a colloquial phrase that means that nothing happened ).
Placing the brand of a product or service in an event and that people do not remember or lack prominence, is to throw money awayAnd according to the sponsorship rates that come to my hands from time to time, I am talking about a lot of money.In this regard, I reached some conclusions about whether the auspices really work:Conclusion No. 1
Some sponsorships serve to feed the ego of the sponsors themselves or to “send the part” in front of competitors and / or friends. By the way, something quite childish. Expensive treats, my grandmother would sayConclusion No. 2There are companies that sponsor and do not expect anything. It is just pure help, something like a donation.


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If there are many sponsoring brands, the forgetting curve increases. It’s like looking for the letter Z while having alphabet soup.Conclusion N ° 4
Most sponsorships –  gulf email list hopefully – generate brand image, but very few sales … unless they sharpen their aim.
That is, generating some particular action that stands out in the event.
This forces sponsors to be more creative, and their marketing people better understand the difference between sponsorship and embedded product.
This last action has to do with ” the creative use ” of the product or brand within a less aggressive situation than an advertising session or sponsoring space.
Surely you have seen the movie ET: The extraterrestrial whose director was Steven Spielberg. In it, Elliot – a lonely boy and fatherless – discovers a space creature in the woods behind his house. To get it out of its hiding place, the child strategically places totally identifiable candies (Reese’s Pieces from Hershey’s), to form a path to the house .
The sponsorship ofWeeks after the film’s premiere, sales of that product tripled and more than 800 movie theaters ordered these candies to stock at their stalls.
Auspices Work – Hershey ET Case
Sponsorship or integrated product. Be creative. Don’t let your brand walk around unseen or compliment you.

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