Don’t watch these 25 ads with clowns if you’re scared of them

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Don’t watch these 25 ads with clowns if you’re scared of them

The other day browsing the internet as usual, I came to the trailer for a horror movie called “Clown, I leave you the link to the trailer in case you want to see it.
As a result of this video, I remembered that several times in my life I saw advertisements with Bahrain Phone Number List  clowns and I started looking for several examples that I will share with you today.
Of course, if you have coulrophobia (Fear of clowns) I recommend you better not continue, because some ads are really scary.
Let’s see then the 25 ads with clowns
BABOOM For now we start with something light. The ad for a lollipop under the message “Flavors with fun” and obviously, what more common example of fun than a thin clown with a huge head pretending to be the lollipopBEECH-NUT GUM
Ok, now the weird begins. This ad for Beech-Nut Gum (Which would be something like “beech gum”) shows a slightly strange scene. (Not to say too much).
We can appreciate the typical circus clown of the 60’s accompanied by the “strong man” of the circus who looks at him in a somewhat strange way. They both laugh. (What are they thinking?) All this with the message: “The happy moment, when the show ends”

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I leave the interpretation of “happy moment” to your discretion.
Advertisements with clowns beech-nut Gum
Well, the weirdness is beginning. An advertisement for a brand of cigars, with the message:  gulf email list “The favorite cigar of the American break” and showing a clown painting himself in front of a mirror.
One of two, or the creatives had in their sights the target of “Circus Clowns” or they believed that the people who smoked during their breaks, were clowns.
Advertisements with Benson & Hedges clowns
BLUEBIRD CIRCUS – GRAPE JUICENothing better to promote a delicious grape juice than a clown with the look of a serial killer for children to say: “Mom, Mom, buy me the juice of the killer clown.”Advertisements with blebird circus clowns (FILEminimizer)Definitely, either the clowns of the time were heavy smokers or they were in fashion, because in this Camel ad you can see a clown smoking a good cigar and with the message: “Camel time is time for pleasure”Camel Clown Ads (FILEminimizer)
CANADA DRY Everyone by now knows Canada Dry and apparently the brand also found it a strategic idea to use a clown to promote their drink. Because there is nothing more fun than drinking a drink and feeling the clown come out of you.Ads with clowns Canada Dry (FILEminimizer)
Also in modern times clowns are used. In this case not as a supposed opinion leader, but rather to refer to a situation.Thus, the Centras insurance brand uses the message “Don’t act like a clown” to refer to the importance of having insurance.Ads with clowns centras insurance (FILEminimizer)
GO ARMOROf course it is, because in these times of insecurity, there is nothing better than armored glass to prevent an attack by motorcycle clowns who point balloon guns at you. Interesting Go Armor campaign to promote their armored glasses and a way of saying “Clowns” to thieves.
Ads with clowns go armor (FILEminimizer)
SLING Something strange ad, where a motorcycle disguised as a clown appears on a beautiful landscape under the message: “Respect the identity of your motorcycle.”
Perhaps a way that Honda used to tell its customers to respect the motorcycle as it is, a brand and quality motorcycle, instead of being clowns.Another one of those ads with clowns that I leave to your discretion.
Ads with Honda clowns (FILEminimizer) With its classic message: “Take a break, have a KitKat” the brand shows us a scene of the most disturbing. A clown collector (Yes, look her up, she’s there looking for Wally) surrounded by rag dolls, china, and more in the shape of clowns.
You sound funny with a stuffy nose.” So funny that it will seem that a clown will come out of your mouth in the best “bug” style of Alien while someone is getting smoke from their ear.Out of joke, it’s true. One sounds weird, but not as weird as a clown coming out of your mouth.

Run kid, run to tell your mother that a typical eighties horror movie clown tells you that you have to drink that red liquid that you love so much. No, it’s not about blood, it’s about Kool-Aid, a fairly famous brand of powdered juice, which also fell under the influence of advertising clowns.Advertisements with clowns kool aid (FILEminimizer)
In this case, the ad is for a good cause. The image of a monkey with its face painted as a clown and the message: “Animals are not clowns” in order to protect these species. Interesting message.
Advertisements with LPDA clowns (FILEminimizer)MMM TICKET
Nothing better to promote a kind of show pass than a clown. Apparently clowns are a multi-message advertising element. From cigars, to shows. In this case, it is interesting because it is one of the few ads that really relates to the clown, the world of entertainment.
But pay attention to the image. He is not just any clown. It is precisely the painted child. It is even possible to appreciate that the child and the clown have orange hair color. An image of a parallel world of clowns? We will never know.Ads with clowns mmm ticket (FILEminimizer)
MOTOROLA COLOR TV Well, going back to the weird times of yore, this ad is truly amazing.
Motorola promoted its color television, with this message from a child who seems to be screaming for help to his parents. In the background we appreciate a television with a clown that has only one tooth and is most gloomy.Now I understand where Stephen King got the resources to create the book for “IT: The Killer Clown.” Possibly from some childhood trauma generated by these types of ads.
Ads with clowns Motorola TV (FILEminimizer)As always, there are ads that really are eye-catching. In this case the PlayStation 3 that although many may not understand it, the message that I interpret is: “An explosion of fun” and as always, what better resource for “fun” than a clown.
It also gives me the idea that the clown is based on his famous game Twisted Metal, although as always, this is up to everyone.

Ads with clowns PS3 (FILEminimizer)
Attention, but special attention to the face of this clown.
Really one of the creepiest clowns I’ve ever seen, after “IT” that was really a killer clown from a movie. Eye-catching advertisement to promote a line of candies and its new varieties.
Roxbury Clown Ads (FILEminimizer)
SCHLITZIf we have clowns who eat candy, clowns addicted to cigarettes and obviously drinking clowns could not be absent. Another strange advertisement this time for the Schlitz beer brand that says: “When you run out of Schlitz, you run out of beer” that shows us that clowns were the fashion of the moment.
Ads with clowns schlits (FILEminimizer)
Continuing with the clown ads, we have this ad from the Science Wolrd Museum in Vancouver with the message: “The two biggest fears, clowns and heights.”
I am sure that if you reached this point in the article, you will agree that definitely having a phobia of clowns, they already have their solid foundations: advertising.
Again we come across one of those clown ads that can traumatize a child. What better visual resource than a clown with the expression that he is going to kill you if you do not eat those rice cereals with sugar. Trick or treat … I’ll take the best candy VAN CAMPS
Gloomy Van Camps ad to promote some beans with the message: “Heat, eat and enjoy”, obviously this is not said by one of those dark musical boxes from which a clown comes out holding what appears to be a plate of beans and bacon .

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