E-commerce, retailers and manufacturers: repercussions of the lack of definition in the digital and communication strategy

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E-commerce, retailers and manufacturers: repercussions of the lack of definition in the digital and communication strategy

Based on the first specific requests from some of our clients and the work of our communication, data / consulting and e-retail enthusiasts from the 25 Labelium Group offices around the world, we have developed a framework of questions to address to identify and anticipate as much as france mobile number list  possible the repercussions on communication and the digital medium in the face of the lack of refinement (progressive?) that will come.In this sense, new trends / inclinations will occur. As an example, we have decided to share some of them, from which tasks and duties currently arise within the teamsRetail: the ‘come back, we have reopened’ will not be enougApart from some exceptions (hairdressers / beauty centers, where recovery days run the risk of causing congestion in the first weeks) and certain sectors in which a phenomenon of revenge buying or revenge shopping could occur (compulsive purchases to compensate for the period of confinement), we believe that communication based solely on “come back, we have reopened” will not be enough .In the short term, it will be essential to offer new, more personalized services, such as advice by appointment, home delivery from the point of sale (platforms such as deliver.ee, Tousfacteurs …) or even the possibility of picking up orders in car (Click & Car services).In the longer term, we believe that each point of sale will become a mini logistics center , capable of distributing in the short channel or the long channel.

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In addition, it seems that retailers should offer guarantees to consumers in the health and safety aspect of their establishments. One of the key questions gulf email list  is how to establish this reassuring communication without causing distress. Social networks and, above all, direct from stores can be outlined as elements that help audiences to project themselves, to see that life continues, but in a way adapted to exceptional conditions (gloves, masks, waiting line, gel at the entrance, etc.). It will be necessary to offer guarantees to get the return . E-commerce: who are the new customers emerging from the confinement period?
Some sectors of e-commerce (decoration, beauty, food, crafts, electronics, DIY) have obtained many new clients during the period of confinement. It seems necessary to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the profile of these consumers, undoubtedly quite far from the usual clientele, to adapt communication strategies in the hope of transforming “this sporadic relationship into a lasting bond” . Knowing how to collect information and offer adapted tours or, simply, new contact plans and content to these audiences will be strategic measures. It will be necessary to understand what has attracted this audience to be able to develop the speeches in order to preserve them and favor the recurrence of purchase. La suede de commandes aux e-commerces de certains secteur is in augmentation
Manufacturers: ‘scarier still’
After many years, some manufacturers (most of them?) Live in fear of harming their distributors, so they avoid the Direct-to-Consumer (and, specifically, the digital channel). Undoubtedly, the significant slowdown induced by the closure of entire chains of establishments will change the situation: direct sales can become a priority to better cushion possible negative consequences in the future (and, finally, to know the end customers).

In this sense, a diversification of distribution channels is foreseeable with the activation of direct digital sales (own “live” site through simplified solutions such as Shopify or Prestashop, marketplaces, sale on Amazon).The manufacturer’s product flow will be at the center of this new ecosystem and a possible communication strategy will be (re) built, for direct selling, as a Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVB).Digital Assets: Post-COVID -19 Spring Cleaning
Important review work on digital assets will need to be undertaken post-COVID-19 :Review of natural indexing to introduce promises such as home delivery .
Enabling security measures / guarantees in the context of COVID.
YouTube and social media review, as well as website content. Undoubtedly, certain videos and images will have to be modified due to lags with respect to the current context: group images or the use of certain specific environments. For example, an e-commerce page that offers swimsuits, presented in a setting overlooking a beautiful white sand beach in the tropics, could pose problems. The main difficulty is that each one will have a different sensibility: for some, the beautiful beach of San Mauricio will be an escape, while, for others, it will constitute an image removed from the current context. The aim could be to accept the lag by inviting audiences to evade or, if not, to adapt to be more in line with the situation of consumers. However, in both scenarios a position will have to be taken.

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