E-merchants view 2019 with optimism despite high stakes

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E-merchants view 2019 with optimism despite high stakes

FEVAD, in partnership with LSA Venezuela WhatsApp Number List  interviewed 105 managers of e-commerce sites (CEOs / CEOs / e-commerce directors) to find out their feelings for the year 2019. Morale seems to be good, despite some fears.Among the participants. Brand-manufacturers and 2% others.14% of respondents have a turnover above 500 M €, 17% between 100 and 500 M €, 32% between 10 and 100 M €, 27% between 1 and 10 M €, 10% less than 1 M € .E-merchants are confident in the future of their activity in 2019, 81% predict an increase in their turnover for this year, retailers and brands are 87% to think the same. For 60% of all e-merchants, 2018 was profitable and 13% balanced.

Confident e-merchants for 2019

Professionals are also worrie about the drop in househol consumption link to purchasing power (78%) and the announcement. For 27% of e-merchants, including 40% of e-merchants with turnover of less than 10 million euros, the activity in 2018 was in deficit.E-merchants continue to recruit within their company, but at a slower pace than in previous years. 49% plan to recruit in 2019, up from 54% in 2018, and 10% plan to reduce their workforce from just 4% last year.Companies invest in particular in IT projects, which is becoming a priority since 69% have an increasing budget in this branch. Marketing and advertising take a back seat where 47% of e-merchants plan to increase their budget. However, FEVAD notes a very strong increase in investments dedicated to social networks and brand content.


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Companies continue to recruit

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