eBook: 50 tips to grow an eCommerce

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eBook: 50 tips to grow an eCommerce

Would you like to grow an ecommerce? I’m sure if.
Below I share an ebook to grow an ecommerce thanks to the contribution of several companies such as Prestashop, Mailify, NOSTO, ECOMM360, Jordi Ordoñez-Consultant eCommerce-, and Comercia Global Payments gave their best advice on how to grow an eCommerce or a Virtual Store.
As always, while browsing the  Nigeria Phone Number List eCommerce News website, I came across the news that a small electronic book was developed so that everyone can know those 50 tips to get an eCommerce off the ground.

Table of contents [ Show ]50 tips to grow an ecommerce
In the electronic book that you will find at the end of the article, you will be able to find the tips grouped and explained as follows: keys to eMail Marketing.
What are 50 tips to grow an eCommerce?
As a summary (Although I recommend you download the ebook) here are the 50 tips to grow an ecommerce, grouped by different themes.I hope they are very helpful to you.

SEO TIPS Define your keys and align them with your conversion.
Have a content strategy for the product. Optimize home and categories.
Avoid duplicate content. Use microformats for product information.
Optimize Link Juice. Keep your Sitemap and Robots. Use Webmaster Tools (Now Google Console) and Google Analytics. Optimize your server and project. Remember that you sell to people.
SEM TIPS Spend time evaluating and selecting your top networks
Find if your audience is in Search, Display, Shooping or Remarketing.


Evaluate your cost per conversion on a daily basis.
Do not be confused with the cost per sale.
Think about whether the customer is going to have a recurrence or just one sale.
Create your Adwords gulf email list  campaigns in a customer center.
Adjust your cost per click in both time slots and devices.
If you don’t have a responsive website, don’t lower your bids in mobile CPC.
Structure the campaigns by keeping the taxonomies of the web.
Structure Google Shooping campaigns by categories.CONVERSION TIPS
Adapt your store or eCommerce to the season.Take advantage of seasonal trends in your campaigns.
Make your customers see what they want. Show your “Featured” products
Your online store has a world of possibilities.Pop-ups, the new way to keep in touch.
Featured tips (and lists) for your clients.Blogging is good business.Speak local lingo to your SEO users.
The world of shopping in your pocket.TIPS FOR PAYMENT PAGESPayments are the “King”.Build trust in payments.Customize the screens.Build customer loyalty.Use wallets (Wallets).Know how your customers want to pay.Earn money selling abroad.Analyze your check-out.

analyzes the assumable risk.Look for experts.EMAIL MARKETING TIPSDefine your goals well.Respect the image / text ratio.Choose your images well.Do tests.Get to know your contacts.
Don’t forget your mobile.Measure the results.Ask for consent.Think carefully about the content of the preheader.It has a good email tool.The truth is that there are several really important tips when it comes to having an eCommerce or a virtual store. So do not forget to contemplate all this when doing your projects or when improving the current situation of your business.

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