Email Marketing Checklist: learn to perform nutrition flows

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Email Marketing Checklist: learn to perform nutrition flows

As the emails are sent and the Lead consumes the content, new emails are sent, always taking the user through the purchase process towards the BoFu (the lower part of the funnel). If he gets to this stage, he is probably mature enough to buy and, if he is truly qualified, the seller will be able to approach him to generate the sale. These are the emails that will help the Lead to be informed and aware of the importance of your solution, increasing the opportunity to make the purchase. To get an idea, a Forrester Research survey suggests that investing in nutrition campaigns can increase a company’s sales volume by 50%, from online contacts (at a 33% lower cost)Therefore, it is easy to see the importance of nutrition emails from Leads. And, for all that, it is essential to create and send them with great care, in order to avoid mistakes that can negatively affect your Inbound uae mobile number format strategy . Here is a checklist of which steps you should take to create an efficient Leads nutrition campaign.

Planning a nutrition email flow is often a bit more complex than promotional emails and newsletters . This happens because a flow has more emails.The first thing you need to do is name the flow. Then, define for which person (s) it is going to be destined, in which stage of the purchase process are the people of the flow and what is their objective. Preferably, these information should be indicated in the name you chose.
At this stage, it is also important to define which trigger is going to start the flow, that is, if it will be activated by downloading an eBook, by accessing the prices page, etc.
Another point that must be defined in planning is the number of emails that will be in the flow and what will be the interval between them. This is important so that emails are not sent too frequently, overloading the Lead, or in a small amount, decreasing their interest.Finally, determine what the purpose of the flow is. It can be, for example, make the Lead advance in the purchase process, recover a lost opportunity in sales, etc.Now is the time to produce the content of the emails. But first, create an outline, that is, the structure of the text. One suggestion is to place in a document all the topics and content that will be addressed in each emailLater, you can develop the texts of each email. When you finish the texts, think about various email subjects and choose those that are most attractive to your buyer persona . Finally, check the texts to avoid grammatical error. Email Design
At this stage, you are going to think about the appearance of the emails. As we are talking about nutrition emails, it is very common that these are only text. But, depending on your market, image emails may be a better option.If you opt for emails with a more complex design, hire a professional or a freelancer to develop the design in HTML.

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But you can also use tools that allow you to create designs easily, without the need for a  gulf email list professional. RD Station Marketing has this functionality, and you can easily choose a design for your email (or even select an option with only text).When the design is ready, it is time to review everything. Make a test send and check if 1) the email subject appears completely in the inbox (it should not be more than 50 characters), 2) the images have alternative text and are not broken, 3) the links for the contents they work and 4) if there are grammar errors. Correct everything and go to the next step. Mounting and activating the flow
This is perhaps the step that requires the most attention, because an error in sending the emails can damage the entire flowTherefore, it begins with the creation of the segmentation that includes the buyer person and the trigger selected in the planning. Then, create the flow, respecting the interval between the emails that was determined in the planning and other settings of your tool. Finally, activate the flow of nutritionThe job does not finish when you activate the flow. Now you need to analyze the results of the nutrition flow. See some important metrics:Open Rate (number of people who opened the message divided by the number of people who received it): increased or decreased compared to the last campaign? What to do next time?
Click Rate (number of clicks on any link in the newsletter divided by the number of people who received it): increased or decreased compared to the last campaign? What to do next?
Conversion Rate (people who made a conversion from the newsletter): how many people met the goal defined in planning?

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