Entrepreneurship and learning (8 things that nobody told me and 8 tips)

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Entrepreneurship and learning (8 things that nobody told me and 8 tips)

Today I have a luxury guest, who I am sure you will like a lot, especially if you are a woman, wanting to undertake and a faithful follower of Mclanfranconi.com.
The guest of the day is Claudia Cuellar Ferrante, a great friend, who will be sharing with us her experience about entrepreneurship in Bolivia.
Claudia will give us a series of tips for anyone (or that one) who is about to dare to enter this world of Macedonia Phone Number List and entrepreneurship, with her typical style.8 things that no one told me and 8 tips
he placeSanta Cruz del Machismo; Times have not changed, we live in a macho society, when you present yourself to a company, a 26-year-old woman, they look at you with distrust. Many times they do not believe that you have the ability to do what you propose.


Tip: Remember that your life expectancy is longer. 😉The customer is not always right
They hire you and accept your services, but then they tell you to do this and that, which is not gulf email list  what they want …Tip: Breathe, count to 100, after all you were chosen from hundreds of companies!
CostumesWhen undertaking something, one believes that he will not need a uniform and as a HAPPY woman to wear all the clothes that you have stored …
FAKE; You have to dress well, have a letterhead so that people can identify you. Your image sells more than you imagine. Dressing sexy is BAD the customer will misunderstand this. Better if you wear glasses, pants and a shirt.I always heard that processing the NIT and the operating license was complicated. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, it is only to carry the corresponding documents.
What does cost a world is the operating license.
Advice: All the steps to follow for these procedures are on the web, without google there is no paradise.

When you undertake you have to quit your job because for a business to work you have to put EARN AND TIME, if you don’t believe in you nobody will, they will tell you things like:”IT IS BETTER TO EARN A SECURE SALARY, DO NOT RISK IT”… And these comments multiply when you are a mother. If you trust yourself, you don’t need anyone else to trust you.
Tip: Read books, look for motivational videos, it helps a lot.
TimeYou believe that by undertaking you will be able to dedicate more time to yours.
It is FALSE, at least at the beginning you accidentally dedicate all your time to your endeavor, even the time for yourself is minimized.
Your manicure will be biting your nails.
Tip: Set schedules, get home and disconnect from the world.
SavingYou have to have a minimum savings to survive about 3 to 4 months until your venture comes to fruition. Do not give up!
Times came when I wanted to throw in the towel, but reading motivational quotes from great entrepreneurs and reading good books, I was able to overcome that stage.
Tip: Try not to spend on unnecessary things, always save some extra money.
Be multifunctional
Obviously when undertaking, you do not have employees in your charge and you have to take into account that you have to do EVERYTHING: Accountant, strategist, PR, sales, marketing, collections.

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