Equal Housework, the Samsung app

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Equal Housework, the Samsung app

There are no excuses” , that is the slogan of Samsung’s latest campaign to raise awareness about the sharing of housework. In this case, it is about putting the washing machine on, and for the campaign Equal Housework was launched, an app to interact with your partner and be able to measure the results. Who will put the washing machine more?The mobile applications and mobile how to get a database of phone numbers are marking an upward trend when communicating actions between a brand and its users. These actions achieve their objective and are also not perceived as an advertising impact. Now campaigns do not have to be boring, or be exclusively offline, since the digital world offers new channels and new tools to communicate and interact with the brand.With #YaNoHayExcusas , a chatbot was created on Twitter with the idea of ​​solving doubts and making the action more fun.


If you try to put the hashtag you will see how an icon appears with a washing machine next to it.  gulf email list  must be recognized that it is very currado by Samsung.Everything took place in Jun, a small town in Granada, where the distribution of washing machines between men and women was balanced, although it is the first stone on the way.The combination of an action in Jun, together with communication on social networks (Twitter and YouTube) and, above all, the mobile application, I think is a fantastic idea to achieve impact on the target audience in a different way.Going forward, I believe that brands could take more advantage of the power of marketing push notificationfor effective communication. They already have the app downloaded, now let’s take advantage of that new channel before falling into disuse. Always with consistency, since if we exceed it, the application will disappear from the smartphone.

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