Europeans are the most mobile professionals

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Europeans are the most mobile professionals

LinkedIn , the world’s largest professional network, with more than 300 million users worldwide and more than 6 million in Spain, has recently revealed the results of its study on international mobility among professionals around the world.
Faced with a context marked by a global economy and the search for job opportunities, the study reveals which were the main source and recipient markets of talent worldwide between November 2012 and November 2013, as well as the main distinctive features that characterize professionals who decide to embark on an international career.
Emerging economies, the most attractive
Despite the fact that consolidated economies such as Switzerland, Germany and Canada continue to be countries that receive talent, it is the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries that have welcomed the most professionals between 2012 and 2013. The United Arab Emirates lead the list, followed by Arabia. Saudi, Singapore in fifth place and India in seventh. Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil are other major recipient countries for professionals globally.
Europeans are the most mobile professionals

European professionals are those who have experienced the greatest mobility in recent months, with Spain being the main issuer, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Ireland. As the study shows, proximity to the country of origin is an important factor to be taken into account by European workers who, despite seeking new opportunities in other countries, mostly prefer to stay in European territory. In the case of Spain, in addition, the language opens the doors for national professionals to Spanish-speaking countries, such as Latin America.Young professionals with experience in digital marketing, business development, ICT technologies and engineering are the most mobile
In this study, LinkedIn has analyzed both the sectors with greater mobility, as well as the main skills of their professionals, type of work they do and level of experience. In this case, the study shows that young workers are more open to working internationally. In fact, the average number of years worked for those who made the greatest displacement stands at 7.8 years, while the professionals who have stayed closer to their countries of origin have 20% more experience.
In relation to the skills and knowledge of these workers, experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics stands out. The sectors that have generated the most mobility, according to LinkedIn, are software technology, media and entertainment, professional services and energy; while workers in sectors such as manufacturing, architecture and transport have moved the least.
Within these sectors, the areas that have favored the most movement among professionals are business development and marketing, research, communication and product management. On the other hand, the more administrative and accounting positions, or the professionals of the security and protection services are the ones that have traveled the least in search of other job opportunities.

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