Exclusive interview: 3 keys in mobile strategies, according to Juan Carlos Göldy, CEO of Logan

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Exclusive interview: 3 keys in mobile strategies, according to Juan Carlos Göldy, CEO of Logan

eMarketer projects that by the end of this year there will be 2.32 billion smartphone users in the world, which will increase to 2,870 in 2020. 2017 seems like a year in which growth in the smartphone market will be constant, at least that is what the Statista DMO figures reflect, which indicate that in Mexico it will extend to 51.8 million users of these devices. That is Greece Mobile Number List why mobile advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Juan Carlos Göldy, CEO of Logan , it will continue its dominance. There is no way not to enter the strategies on mobile devices, the mobile industry affected all types of industries including internal processes such as commercial ones, as brands we have to be thinking about these strategies Greece Mobile Number List

The director of the company specialized in super small data and personalized experiences has six offices: Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico shared at least three keys in the mobile strategies that the marketer must cover: The first is customization, because according to the expert, it is the basis of any mobile strategy: The main thing is to understand that the medium is unique and that the way to connect is more personal. This is basic because the communication and creative idea in advertising pieces Brother Cell Phone List are not thought about this, it would fail It cannot be adapted in the planning of web media and its variables because mobile has many more variables, and the mobile device has notably different characteristics from a computer, which allow it to be more interactive.

And finally, the target that will receive the strategy in form must be segmented in detail. Göldy added that the main obstacle for mobile strategies is that in communication the best way to speak to the user of the mobile device is not defined. Thus, mobile strategies must be analyzed and attended by marketing professionals, while the public that receives their messages more and more does so through said medium.

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