Exclusive interview: Challenges companies face on the web, according to Eduardo Picazo, CEO of Triad Retail Media

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Exclusive interview: Challenges companies face on the web, according to Eduardo Picazo, CEO of Triad Retail Media

Sales of retail companies would reach 26.83 trillion dollars worldwide for this 2017, according to figures projected by Statista. Among those numbers is the part that is received from the websites, since the stores in this segment have a huge potential not only for the sale of products themselves, but also that advertising can be a new way of business. This was revealed by Hungary Mobile Number List Eduardo Picazo, general director of Triad Retail Media , who spoke about the challenges of retail companies on the web. While we have previously mentioned that e-commerce is burdened with customer complaints to banking institutions and consumer mistrust about the security of their data, Picazo found a new challenge for firms: finding the potential of their websites and monetizing it.Hungary Mobile Number List

And it is that the manager explained that an understanding of advertising on the websites of retail companies as a business opportunity has not yet been achieved, especially considering the constant growth of e-commerce . What makes the customer buy online is the experience, we see four pillars: having technology and infrastructure; the second is the Brother Cell Phone List marketing part, that is, it makes sense that your products and communication are online, on the other hand logistics and delivery and finally customer service However, brands fail to take advantage of their potential on the internet. In a nutshell, what we are looking for is to convert users with purchase intention into buyers through giving a positive experience with content

During 2020, e-commerce will reach a penetration of 49.7 percent in the world population, so it is a sector of opportunity that will continue to grow. So the new challenge for brands is to take advantage of their portal not only as a space for offering products, but also as an advertising space, which can be achieved with the correct advice. That is why spending on digital advertising in Mexico would increase 25 percent, to reach 1.46 billion pesos in 2017, according to eMarketer figures . What supports the effectiveness of the trend. Hence the rise of companies like Triad Retail Media, which is dedicated precisely to helping create, manage and operate digital retail media programs, turning high-traffic retailer websites into valuable advertising properties.

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