Facebook Ads Guide 2017

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Facebook Ads Guide 2017

Welcome to the Facebook Ads Guide 2017 on how to run an advertising campaign on Facebook . Regardless of your online can i buy a phone number objective, with this article you will have a complete vision to start launching your campaigns on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.
If you’ve come this far to know how to run an advertising campaign on Facebook, how to create an adgroup or an ad, you’re in luck. I tell you step by step.
Facebook competes hard with Google in many areas of the digital market and advertising was not going to be less. If you already have knowledge of Google Adwords, it may be easier for you to understand the use of Facebook Business Manager .
Any questions, errors or updates that you may find in this Facebook Ads guide can let me know through a comment or an email. I hope you find it useful!Facebook Ads Guide 2017
Before showing the Facebook Ads Guide 2017 and getting into the Facebook Business Manager, we must make a basic introduction. For this I already published an article with an Introduction to Facebook Ads that can be very useful if you are a newbie to this type of PPC advertising or this format.FB, like Google Adwords, allows us to only pay for the clicks received, an advantage if we manage to optimize our campaigns well. We can create text, graphic, image or canvas ads that will be displayed in different locations. From now on we will see step by step how to make the right decisions in a campaign in FB Ads.


The advertising goals of Facebook are the most important decision in order to achieve our goal of gulf email list marketing. We can find 14 types of objectives to carry out digital advertising on this social networkPromote your postsPromoting your publications is a type of campaign that serves to give greater visibility to the publications we make on our fanpage. The strategy behind it is usually related to the achievement of social response.

This type of objective generates more interactivity than we would achieve by only impacting our followers (no matter how many). We can get more “likes” on our fanpage, thus increasing the number of fans on our page and we also gain diffusion when the publication is shared or commented on.The visibility of a post that is not promoted beyond its fanpage depends on three factors:Number of friends of each user and pages that follow: The more friends or pages a user has, the fewer publications will appear regularly.
Relationship between the user and the fanpage: EdgeRank (Facebook’s algorithm) is able to distinguish the user who interacts with a fanpage even if he only enters to visit it. These users will be more affected when receiving the contents of the publication in their newsfeed.
Frequency and time of publication: It is evident that if we publish too regularly we run the risk of losing the “like” of our fans. On the other hand, if we publish little we will not be able to generate engagement. You have to find the balance in the number of publications and once you have managed not to publish at a time where our audience is not visiting the social network.
Promote your page
The goal of promoting your page is to get more interaction with a fanpage . Increase the number of followers of a page, that is, users who click “like”, who follow the page. Generally it is usually for reasons of “status”, since a page with a greater number of followers will be perceived as more authoritative.

In this type of campaign it is very important to achieve adequate segmentation since Facebook Ads will push us to achieve results (for example, if you invest € 5 a day, it gives you between 8-12 “likes”) regardless of whether they will be more useful to us. go aheadReach people who are close to your business
When we want to attract clients to our business this type of objective can be a great option. It is based on the geolocation of users, who will be impacted by an ad that will offer them a “call to action” that indicates how to get to the business in question.
Increase brand awareness
Increasing brand awareness is usually one of the marketing objectives that is most often included in a marketing plan. Whether we are talking about digital or traditional media, FB Ads can be a helpful tool.
This objective is useful for those people who want to reach more users with the probability of paying attention to them . Interesting for new online sales businesses that want to gain a position in the market. Would you trust a page with less than 100 followers?

Attract people to your website
Attracting people to your website is one of the most interesting options from my point of view. When we select this objective it is because we want to get more traffic to our website . It seems to me an interesting objective since in ecommerce it can help us a lot with sales.In order for the ad to be displayed on the timeline or newsfeed, both on mobile phones and computers, it will be essential to enter the fanpage and the URL of our website.
Increase your app downloads
We select this objective to increase the number of downloads or purchases of an application . With this advertising format we can get downloads from Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network (articles, videos, mobile websites, etc.).
FB uses the status update for this type of advertising, with the difference that when the user clicks, they reach the application store where the application can be downloaded.Increase attendees to your event
The goal of increasing attendees to your event is very similar to promoting a publication, with the difference that now we are talking about an event only. An event that has a predefined occurrence date.In this type of objective it is very important to segment based on geolocation . It would not make sense for us to show an event to people who are very far from the place where it takes place or who hardly believe they can move. We also have to take into account the interests of our public.Increase video views
Increasing video views makes a direct nod to video marketing . A format that has positioned itself as the king par excellence in digital advertising.
The results we want to achieve have to do with the highest number of video reproductions . For example, it is interesting to make use of this type of advertising when we have a video with unpublished or viral images, customer stories, etc.

Increase conversions on your website
Increasing conversions to our website is often one of the most popular goals when it comes to digital advertising. We want to get the user to perform a specific action on our website.Thanks to the FB Ads pixel we can determine the results we achieve and optimize our advertising campaigns. If what you are looking for is to sell a product or a service, this is surely the best objective.A trick we can do here to optimize our campaigns is to look at the best ad groups we have and try to match the segmentations in other campaigns.Generate leads for your company
Generating potential customers for your company is, along with increasing conversions to your website, one of the most interesting objectives in terms of customer conversion.The leads complete a form that we have predefined and in which FB is in charge of filling in those fields that it knows. This makes the customer acquisition process easier and faster.In general, it is a lower quality lead than the one achieved with the aim of “increasing conversions to your website”, but it is also much cheaper.Increase interaction with your application
Increasing the interaction with your application seems to be the same as “increasing your application downloads” but it is not. We want users to take a specific action within the app store portal. For example, it can be a rating, an opinion, etc. This type of advertising can help us improve the application and optimize it.
Get people to request your offer
Getting people to request your offer is more useful for brands with a noticeable branding. It serves to increase the display of the offer-type updates that we have published on our fanpage.
When it is used focused on physical businesses, it is essential to segment geographically , since this way we will reach those people who are close to our establishment.
For example, it is useful for accommodation companies that make offers or special packages at certain times of the year. It is imperative that our target audience recognize the brand.

Promote a product catalog
Promoting a product catalog through Facebook’s ad manager can be relatively easy with this type of advertising. If we also use dynamic ads we will achieve a significant visual impact .The way to create a campaign to promote a product catalog is something different from the rest. In this case, we must previously upload a file with the names of the products, descriptions, category, availability, etc.Get people to visit your business
Getting people to visit your business through advertising on Facebook is the last of the objectives that the platform currently offers. It is an objective that also requires a basic geographical segmentation.
In the form of work, it is quite similar to the objective of “reaching people who are close to your business”.
Ad set settings
The ad set configuration of the ad campaign we created on Facebook is probably the most important part. In this section we are going to make decisions about the type of conversion, target audience, geographic segmentation, budget …
It will depend on the type of marketing objective that we have selected to configure this section in one way or another. However, it is essentially very similar, regardless of the objective selected. In our case we are going to analyze the objective of “increasing conversions on the website” since it seems to me one of the most interesting.Conversions
Conversions are the main indicator of the success of a digital advertising campaign. The goal is for our audience to do what we want on our website. For example, watch a video, buy a product, fill out a form on a landing page, etc.

In marketing it is essential to measure our objectives in order to make better decisions . For this reason, it is absolutely essential to configure the Facebook pixel to be able to control the results of the different campaigns or set of ads
Within the public section we will configure the geographical segmentation that we are going to use. We can choose any of the custom audiences that we have saved or create a new one . In case of creating a new audience we will choose:
Places: We can select between several options; those who are now in that geographical area, who live in that place, who have been recently, who are traveling there, or directly to everyoneAge: We select the age range we want to focus on. We can choose from 13 years to +65.
: In case we want to differentiate between men and women. In some cases it is usually very interesting that we differentiate campaigns with ads focused on men and / or women, it depends on the product (colognes, underwear, …)Languages: It is usually configured when we want to focus our campaign on people who live in a place but have a language that is not the original one for that geographical area. For example, if we focus on Germans residing in Spain, we would configure German in Language and Spain in places.Detailed segmentation: It is the most important part in choosing our target audience. In this section we can select those aspects that our audience must comply with (or not).For example, if we want to focus on Business Administration and Management students to offer them our digital marketing master, we will choose:Fields of study: Business Administration and Management, Higher School of Business Administration and Management, School of Business Administration and Management, …

Interests: digital marketing, marketing (marketing), personal marketing, international marketing, viral marketing, …Likewise, we would select audiences to exclude , since we are not interested in students who are already or have completed a master’s degree in marketing.Fields of study: Master in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategist, etc.Finally we have the configuration that refers to the connections . From here we can reach people with a specific connection to our page, application or event. It is a way to reduce our audience a lot if we want to reach very specific people such as the fans of our Facebook page.
When we have finished configuring our segmentation we have the possibility to activate the option of “segmentation by interest expansion”. If we check this option we will be allowing EdgeRank to expand the number of people we target based solely on interests.What does this mean?If we have a segmentation with a certain age and geolocation and we exclude a part of the territory, the EdgeRank will never include people who are not part of our segmentation, simply those who meet the requirements and have similar “interests”.Locations
By configuring the locations we decide the places (platforms) where we want the ads to be displayed. We have two options:
Automatic placements: Facebook Ads will decide the best places to show your ads.
Edit locations: It allows us to select the platforms we want to use for Facebook Ads to show our ads. We can choose between Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

If for example Instagram does not work well with the type of product or service we have, I recommend you edit the locations and deselect Instagram manually. Never mind not using the location recommended by Facebook, it tends to work better for meBudget and schedule
In this last part we define what the budget is and when the ads will be shown, the optimization for the delivery of ads, type of bid, ad schedule and type of delivery.I recommend using the daily budget , since I find it easier to manage and control.
The circulation period can be automated or left manual. It depends on the type of campaign and its periodicity, you will be interested in having the end of the campaign controlled or not.
Optimization for ad delivery: We choose how the ads will be displayed based on the objectives to be achieved. We will select the best option for our case from between:
Conversions: Recommended .ImpressionsClicks on the link to your website
Single daily scopeConversion interval: 1 day or 7 days. Personally I like daily more.
Bid amount: Automatic or manual. If we select automatic we let Facebook set the bid supposedly to maximize our results (and probably your profit). Automatic is the best option, especially if you have many campaigns.Delivery type: The usual is to mark “standard” so that the ads are displayed normally during the day. However, there is the option of speeding up the time in which the ads are shown to get faster results . In the latter case, it will be less optimized and we will consume the budget more quickly.

Ads settings
The configuration of the ads is the final part of our digital advertising campaign. IMPORTANT: We must bear in mind the characteristics of the product or service, the degree of novelty that it suggests, etc. Based on what we want to promote, we will choose one type of ad or anotherFormatCurrently Facebook Ads lets us work with four formats (it depends on the objective, but these are generally used): Ad by sequence, single image ad, single video or presentation. The most commonly used is the single image, but more and more other formats are being used to achieve higher conversions* Update 2017: Now it has just presented the Facebook Collection format, a format very focused on ecommerce. We tell you about it on Facebook E-commerce .Multimedia files
We select the images or video that we are going to use. We must use images to which we are sure we have the rights. The images can be modified to for example add a logo or some letter. Facebook recommends not adding a lot of letter as it considers that the conversions will be lower. Optimal size for 1200 x 628 pixel images .Facebook Ads may remove our ad and ask us to modify it for violating its policy. Sometimes you just have to make an imperceptible change and go back to review, but other times you have to remove text from the image or change it.It is not strange that there are problems with images in which people appear scantily clad.Pages and links
Finally we have to configure the page from which it is going to be published, the site link and of course the text of the ads. When we finish the campaign, all the ads will have the same text, something that will have to be changed one by one, but at the beginning it creates them all at the same time.
In this part there is also a preview to see how the ads are in each of the Facebook sections (news section, right column, Instagram, Audience Network, etc.

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