Facebook E-Commerce

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Facebook E-Commerce

Facebook e-commerce , this is how we will end up calling this social network in a few years. Some time ago, a professor of the subject that today would bear the name of “digital how to buy a phone number” told me; “Facebook is wrong betting on advertising, people do not enter Facebook to buy . ” He was clearly wrong … Facebook is increasingly betting on e-commerce and proves it with a new ad format: Collection .Collection is a new ad format that allows you to show an image or a video and underneath the featured products. When the user clicks on the Facebook ad, they access an immersive and fast-loading shopping experience in which up to 50 products can be viewed. At the moment the first to use it have been Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.


Facebook wants brands to be able to tell visual stories with their products . The goal of Facebook was to unite video and products to be able to offer a fast user experience around the purchase of branded products. gulf email list According to “Omni-channel Shoppers” 45% of online sales go through a mobile action, which suggests that we still have much to improve in terms of the mobile experience. This type of multi-product advertising will benefit the cross-selling of other products, thus making advertising on the social network more effective.In addition to this new format, Facebook will launch a new metric to measure “exit clicks” , which will show the number of clicks that take people off Facebook. This metric can be interesting to better optimize the investment in FB.

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