Famous logos with hidden messages: 25 examples

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Famous logos with hidden messages: 25 examples

History is full of examples of logos of the most varied designs, from classic styles to modern ones. Logos that cost fortunes like the case of Pepsi and the payment  Bolivia Phone Number List of 1 million dollars for its current logo, even incredible stories like the Nike logo that cost 35 dollars.
But today, we will see something very special on the blog. I have collected 25 quite famous logos, all of them with some kind of hidden message ranging from visual effects, to even messages to communicate something about the brand that may or may not be obvious.
So here we go with the 25 famous logos that have a hidden message (or not so much in some cases)In this first example you can see how this famous jewelry brand communicates on the one hand a peacock (Peacock) but at the same time it is the face of a woman with a necklace on her neck.This study of creativity and strategies has a very particular logo with a hidden message that may be obvious to some and not to others. Their logo shows a letter “E” from the word “Elefont” but at the same time the white part is the trunk of an elephant.One of the most famous logos that contain a hidden message that many may not know. The very design of the word “Vaio” shows the symbols of analog and digital, thus playing with the letters of the words.
Another logo with an interesting hidden message, although it is really a design game, is that of “Twi2s” which would actually be the number 2, a letter “N” to create the word “Twins” (Twins).
I must admit, I saw this logo several times and I had never realized (until it happened) the hidden message it had. What is it? Simple, the letters “OUR” and the yellow circle actually show a cyclist riding a bicycle, precisely the essence of this event. They see him?
Am I the only one who sees in this logo the two people eating nachos in the center? Surely not, because that is the hidden message of Tostitos, this brand of nachos, where you can see how being plays with the letters “TIT”.



I must admit that I love this brand of chocolates and had never noticed that on the mountain  gulf email list that appears above the name, you see the figure of a bear in white. A hidden message, which really went unnoticed by many.
This is one of those logos that really fascinates me, not only for its simplicity, but also for the double meaning of how they handle that hidden message. On the one hand we see a person playing golf (Well actually the torso) and the speed effect of the golf club, but on the other we can see a Spartan helmet. Impeccable.
This logo and its hidden message make me agree with that image in which we see an adult woman and if we look closely, a young woman can also be seen. In this case, many will see a tree and others will see the gorilla and the lion looking at each other. They see him?
Simple and elegant, a logo that has a hidden message very simple to detect and is to see how it is played with the letter “M” to simulate that it is an adult (A mother) holding the hand of your son or daughter.
Of course, this collection of logos with a hidden message could not be missing, one that plays with contrasts or optical illusions such as the case of “Hide” where it is seen that the letter “D” is actually brown instead of white as the rest of the letters and its interior are painted.


Simple, but interesting. The hidden message in this logo is that in truth the letter “G” in the word “Goodwill” is the same smiley face that accompanies the brand in its logo.A famous logo that was always there with its hidden message is that of “Formula 1”. I even remember showing it to someone you know and who was also amazed to discover that the white space between the “F” and the red lines, form the number “1”It may seem like a simple and simple logo at the beginning but its hidden message is in the letter “E” at the beginning that shows the end of an electricity cable, obviously alluding to the brand name.Okay. This case is really a logo that not only has a hidden message, but also only people who are involved in the programming environment will understand. This consulting company actually used the famous binary code (that of “1” and “0”) to make its logo. So if we give a value of 1 to the blue squares and a value of zero to the gray squares, we will have 1010000 at the top, which in binary code means “80” and on the bottom line, 0010100, which would be “20” in binary. In short, the brand name 80-20.Great logo with a very simple but creative hidden message. The brand name is built on the basis of parts of the number “8” which is exactly the name of the brand.What is the hidden message of CodeFish? That your logo is created from labels and typical programming symbols, thus creating a fish made based on code, like its name.For years I went to this supermarket and I had never realized what their logo means and what their hidden message was. Do you know what it is? That in truth what goes through the red triangle and the other blue triangle is a white letter “C” just like the background and that is why it is almost imperceptible to the eye.

Another clear example of a brand that plays with visual effects and that its hidden message really is that when you see all those strange gray and light blue shapes, the brand “Brand Union” is formed in white, just like the background.Well, in truth the name of this brand would come to be something like “The bear with hands” or “the bear hand” so the hidden message is that the logo is a bear and a hand at the same time. A strange logo, for a brand with such a particular name.
Another brand that plays with the double meaning in its hidden message, since in English “bar code” means “Bar code” but in this case it refers to a “Bar” hence its logo is a beer with code effect of bars.
I love this brand. Simple, direct and with a hidden message that jumps out quickly. The translation of the brand would be something like “Magic Coffee” and for that reason the cup of coffee also seems to be a magician’s top hat.Picasa’s hidden message is embodied not only in its graphic part but also in its name. On the one hand you can see the shutter of a camera in its logo and in white in the center a house. But where does the name Picasa come from? It is estimated that “Pi” for Pixels and “House” for home, thus creating the message of “The House of Pixels” and alluding to digital photographs.
Where is the hidden message? Simple, in the diamond to the left of the word “Sun” which is obviously formed from the word “Sun” repeated 4 times and which can be read in any direction.Another brand with an interesting hidden message. Actually the phrase “New Man” can be read by fully rotating the logo. Can you see it?We have reached the end of the article so I hope you liked these brands that have some kind of hidden message.

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