Fashionable: Marketing Trends that will take place in 2014

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Fashionable: Marketing Trends that will take place in 2014


Summer is behind us, and with the beginning of the first autumn rains it is inevitable to start thinking about winter, and with it the arrival of next year, 2014, which implies the evaluation of results, and the analysis of new trends. . Different reports and studies have already advanced many of the free telemarketing leads download news and trends that will accompany us throughout the final stretch of this year 2013 and that will also be a constant throughout the next year 2014. Do you want to know them?The new approach to Social media and social networks2013 is characterized by the consolidation of social networks as a way to reach the target audience. It is no longer an option, but a must within the communication strategy of every company. However, after leaving behind the times for trial and error, companies must begin to be more clear about their main challenges and objectives. Furthermore, companies should not view their social media investment as a bottomless pit. ROI will continue to be one of the great challenges, but many other benefits will be put into value beyond the economic return and short-term results.


Still many brands consider the suitability of using social networks as a channel for customer service. From the point of view of the internal organization of the  gulf email list company, it can suppose a significant investment in resources, without its profitability being appreciated a priori. However, the advantages of responding to customers through social media are not reduced to a mere administrative procedure, but rather it benefits several areas of the company. During 2014, many more companies will decisively adopt this type of media to offer constant support and help to their customers and consumers. The great objective will undoubtedly be to improve their efficiency and speed of response.
Content will keep its reign
Content marketing will continue to grow because it has proven to be a great tool to generate a relationship of trust and loyalty with the audience. The main strategies used by large B2B companies are social networks, eNewsletters or videos and articles on other websites. Using these channels to deliver engaging content for your audience has proven to be more effective than television and radio advertisements.
The image will reach even more relevance and prominence
Faced with the bombardment of information that consumers receive daily, it is essential to offer content that is as digested as possible. That explains the rapid growth of Buzzfeed and Pinterest, networks that have focused on images and have demonstrated the viral potential of content based on photos and graphics. In fact, the most popular and shared blogs and posts are those that know how to sprinkle the text with illustrative images or highly explanatory and graphic infographics.
Video will be the new content revolution in 2014
Cisco estimates that by 2015 85% of internet traffic will be video-based. Users actively demand videos, content with which they spend their leisure time. A habit that leads them to make their own creations, with the help of their smartphones, and share them through their social profiles. In this premise lies the success of Vine, whose 6-second videos did not take long to arouse the interest of Instagram, who after a few months joined fashion, with 15-second productions.
Brands cannot ignore this reality. It is a way of reaching users, attracting their attention and increasing brand awareness. The combination of video, mobile and geolocation can be explosive.
Mobile and multiscreen consumers
The migration from desktop to mobile is practically a reality. The tablet market has already overtaken the mobile market, and mcommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. eMarketer expects 67.6% of Facebook users to consult their profiles through mobile devices, a coverage that would reach 95.5% in 2017.

Mobile content and responsive design
There is no way back. Companies have to adapt their content to different mobile devices, especially taking into account the new improvements applicable through Responsive Design. The reality is stubborn: According to Forbes, 87% of connected devices in 2017 will be smartphones and tablets. The company that does not adapt will run the risk of losing customers by not joining the trend.
Showrooming and e-sofing
At least 1 in 3 consumers in the United States has made purchases through mobile phones in the last semester. It should be clarified that, before completing the purchase, 2 out of 3 users have used one or more devices to obtain information while they were shopping in physical stores. This trend will continue to spread throughout 2014, especially in times of high consumption.
e-Sofing or the habit and trend of buying online from the couch will also continue to grow. Consumers become more comfortable and 2 out of 3 customers will buy from their living room, through mobile devices.
More inbound marketing strategies
Inbound Marketing is based on attraction: it is the consumer who reaches the product or service on the Internet or social networks of his own accord, attracted by a message or quality content and obviously of interest. Starting from this premise, brands will understand that consumers are not willing to major interruptions. This type of marketing is based on a two-way relationship in which brands no longer buy the attention of consumers but will have to earn it by offering those benefits or added values ​​that can arouse real interest from potential customers.

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