Feed Management: why take care of the management of feeds in e-commerce?

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Feed Management: why take care of the management of feeds in e-commerce?

Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Shopzilla and dozens of other marketplaces are, today, essential channels for online sales in businesses in the retail sector . The need to display truthful, up-to-date and attractive information on these platforms means that retailers must focus on a digital get chinese phone number tactic that demands, every time, greater sophistication: the management of feeds or Feed Management .Feed management: more than dumping a catalog on a third-party website
An e-commerce feed is defined as the list of products for sale in an online store , and is created as a means of communication between manufacturers, retailers and the platforms outside its website that it uses to market its articles. This feed includes exhaustive information about each of the products, from their physical characteristics to their price, through photographs or the effective dates of the current offer.For a feed to be really useful and ultimately serve to increase sales, it is important to conceive it not as a static file, but as a dynamic element that must be constantly updated based on the available stock, the optimization requirements established by each marketplace, the seasonal business objectives of each e-commerce and the evolution of the advertising campaigns in progress at all times.

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What advantages does Feed Management bring to an e-commerce?
Feed Management ensures the maintenance and improvement of the quality of e-commerce product feeds for each of the channels with which it works, gulf email list Feed Management should be the basis of any PPC strategy in Google Shopping, since the quality of the feed is directly correlated with the results of this.EDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUThanks to Feed Management it is possible to get more clicks and also obtain high conversion rates that will end up resulting in increased sales.
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Basic Feed Management Guidelines
Google Shopping, for example, has its own guidelines on what product attributes should be included in feeds and in what format. Therefore, to achieve the best results it is convenient to apply Feed Management practices such as the followin Structure optimization
The first step is to convert the feed of products directly extracted from e-commerce into a source of information suitable for use by each channel. It consists of optimizing the structure of the feed, establishing the correspondence between each of its fields and the fields that each platform defines as mandatory . Likewise, it is positive to add new attributes that, although they do not appear in the original feed, provide additional information to the channels.

It is about taking care of the information of each of the products , taking into account details such as:Title: coinciding, as far as possible, with that of the landing page. It must be precise and objective, and in Google Shopping it cannot exceed 150 characters. Capital letters should not be used to highlight the initial letter of each word, or subterfuges to attract attention with notes such as “free shipping” or “limited offer”.
Description: objective and direct, without links to e-commerce. It is recommended to use line breaks and lists for formatting. As in the case of the title, gimmicky devices should be avoided.
Image: add the URL of a main image (and other complementary ones) in which the article can be seen clearly, in a compatible format and that respects the marketplace guidelines regarding dimensions and file size Product prioritization
That an e-commerce decides to rely on channels such as Google Shopping or Amazon to sell does not mean that it must always market absolutely all its products through them, or that it has to continually give them the same prominence. The appropriate thing is to develop a product prioritization strategy based on conditions such as:Seasonality
Profitability (according to sales and CPA data).
ROI of the different platforms.
In this way, and depending on the objectives of each period, the current offers will be more visible, different products will be promoted in each channel or certain articles will be eliminated from the feed.

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Feed Price, Labelium’s CSS for Google Shopping campaigns
To obtain good results in Google Shopping, it is convenient, in addition to correctly managing the feed, to bet on a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) authorized by Google to manage the ads within this channel. Using a CSS provides a fundamental advantage to retailers, and that is to achieve costs per click up to 20% lower than those that would be achieved by advertising directly on Google Shopping without CSS.In this area, Labelium has recently launched Feed Price , a pioneering CSS in Europe.Feed Price puts all the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning at the service of Google Shopping campaignsEDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUM
With Feed Price , the most complex e-commerces will find the perfect solution for their paid search strategy in Google Shopping: a CSS that provides extremely competitive CPCs in combination with the expertise in PPC actions and in Feed Management that Labelium treasures . A successful formula that has already convinced the big retail giants in Spain

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