Free beer Carslberg. With this billboard it is possible.

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Free beer Carslberg. With this billboard it is possible.

Attention beer brands in Bolivia, because this can be an excellent idea to make a little noise and, incidentally, make your consumers happy.A few days ago I showed the case of the friendliest billboard in the world with Coca Cola , Austria Phone Number List  where if two people sat down, it would sell a Coca Cola to each.It seems that fashion continues and this time with Carslberg beer.The beer brand created a billboard with

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free beer for all passersby who pass by on the street, an interesting ambient marketing strategy.  gulf email list This fence was installed on one of the busiest streets in London and gave passersby the opportunity to pour themselves a delicious glass of beer for free.


Cool no?The campaign was developed by the Fold7 agency and was active for a day at The Old Truman Brewery, a famous London bar.And you, wouldn’t you like a billboard in Bolivia that gives you free beer?Watch the video to see in action, this great Carslberg campaign

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