Free eBook: 90 Differentiation Examples

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Free eBook: 90 Differentiation Examples

Today surfing the internet, I came across an excellent blog by David Gómez called BienPensado.com . David is Director of Bien Pensado, author of the books The Day David beat Goliat and Facebook Toolbox , blogger at Bien Pensado and Senegal Phone Number List Nuggets , lecturer and columnist for Gerente Pyme magazine among several other things.
In his blog I found an excellent free eBook called “90 differentiation examples” that is focused on any company or product knowing how it can do to differentiate itself from the competition.
In the author’s words:


[quote_box_center] Lack of differentiation leads companies to compete on price. When the customer does not identify a reason that justifies why he should buy one brand and not another, he will make gulf email list  the decision by the only criterion that he can compare: the price. And competing on price is very dangerous terrain, because someone will always be willing to lower it a little more than you.  quote_box_center]he eBook is very well detailed, with a great design and there are 90 ideas from companies of all kinds. For a better understanding, we have classified the examples by the 10 types of differentiation that can be developed, explaining what each of them consists of:
In total there are about 106 pages full of examples and great lessons to be able to learn to differentiate ourselves with our companies. Take advantage of the fact that it is FREE and that something of great quality.

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