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Today the human resources of a company are one of the key elements when it comes to having a successful business. It is for this reason that every day, more companies start investing in human resources software solutions.Fortunately, in today’s market there are many options for human resources software for all types of companies, and even pockets.
A true entrepreneur knows very well that his human resources are a key element within any company or organization.
In recent years, more  Czech Republic Phone Number List and more entrepreneurs have understood that correctly managing the people involved in a company is a key factor for success.It is for this reason that today having human resources software is key to be able to carry out a correct management of this very important element in a company.
Remember the following:

However, I invite you to continue reading the article, because throughout each part of it, you will understand why it is almost an obligation to have this type of program.
Benefits of a human resources software
personal human resources software 2
Human Resources , courtesy of ShutterStock
Next I want to show you some benefits of having human resources software in your company. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have a great company, starting on the right foot is key.
The most important thing of all is that all the functions of the human resources software really serve to make the most of that area of ​​your company.
# 1 – To make better decisions
Decision-making is important, but many times the lack of information ends up causing important decisions to be handled incorrectly.
Thanks to a human resources software you could know and make important decisions based on:
Know which workers need training
Get to know the staff with the best performance
Know who the best salespeople are on your team
Know who is committed to the company
Know who attended or participated in training courses
# 2 – To increase the productivity of your workers
Another benefit of having human resources software is that by focusing on this element, it will allow you to know details in order to improve the productivity of your workers .# 3 – To have more flexibility and speed

Having a human resources software will also allow your company to be much more flexible and faster, allowing you to optimally generate production strategies, commercial strategies or customer service strategies. 4 – To reduce the costs of your company
Continuing with the benefits of HR software, there is the issue of reducing business costs.
Thanks to this type of tool, you will be able to automate certain delinquent processes and manage personnel without having to invest in the process or in more people in charge of the human resources area.
# 5 – For better internal communication
Finally, another of the benefits of a human resources software is that of internal communications.
These types of tools usually have different functionalities to improve communication between areas or workers, and even sections or portals dedicated exclusively to communication.
What should good HR software have?


Before buying or using human resources software, you should take into account not only the benefits that it will bring to your company or business, but also the gulf email list  advantages and functionalities that will allow you not to have to depend on other tools.A good human resources software should contemplate a series of tools or functions, in order to avoid investing in others and end up with several programs to do what only one could do.Among the most recommended functions in a human resources software are:
Others.As you can see, a human resources software must be very complete, functional and allow you with all its tools, to have an excellent management of the human capital of your company.
Factorial. Free human resources software Human resources software factorial initial screen
Now yes, among all the human resources software options, I found Factorial, an ideal tool, which covers a large part of the functionalities that I mentioned above and that most important of all, IS FREE.
That’s right, a FREE tool, although with payment options that allows you to add some extra functionality.

Factorial functionalities
The good thing about Factorial is that it includes important functions that I already talked about earlier in the article.
Below I show you those features that I found most interesting, so you can see the full potential of Factorial:
# 1 – Absence manage A space to manage all the absences of the company’s workers.
Within this section you will find a vacation management software that allows you to import all the holidays in your region easily and limits (or not) the number of days available for each worker. Employees can request their vacations through Factorial and you can moderate all requests easily.
HR factorial vacation software
It also includes the possibility of keeping track of sick leave, something unavoidable in your company. You will be able to manage all the documentation you need to process the withdrawal of the employee and Factorial will update the calendar automatically.HR factorial software Absence
Finally, it also allows you to control other types of absences. You will be able to receive notifications when an employee requests an absence and accept or reject their request.
Factorial HR software other absences
# 2 – Organizational Chart Generator

Another feature that Factorial has is the organization chart manager which allows you to even import employee data and generates an automatically generated organization chart in a simple way and without having to edit templates or anything.
HR factorial organization chart software
By having the updated data in Factorial, the program to make organization charts will constantly update the organization chart of your company. If one or more employees come to work or if someone leaves the company, it will automatically update and you will have the latest version available in the cloud.
# 3 – Advanced reporting for HR
Continuing with the functionalities that Factorial offers, you can find a complete system for generating advanced reports on the human resources area.
HR factorial reporting software You will be able to generate reports of absenteeism, salaries, staff turnover and much more in just one click. Factorial will automatically generate all these reports and graphs so that you can have reliable data on what is happening in your company.
# 4 – Portal for workersFactorial also has a complete portal for workers that you can create on your own and without the need for programming.
HR software factorial employee portal
Your workers will have access to their personal account to request vacations, process a cancellation, check their last payroll and much more. You decide what information is displayed at all times.
In addition to this, you will have a powerful internal communication tool where you can upload events, send internal communications and upload documents that are visible to all workers in a couple of clicks.# 5 – Document manager
Finally, among the most interesting functions of Factorial, is that this human resources software includes a complete document manager that serves to always have everything at hand.
Human resources factorial software documents
You will be able to upload employee contracts in the cloud and always have them at hand. Only the employee and the human resources manager will have access to this information and can consult it at any time. Forget about folders and save all contracts in Factorial.
In short, you will have a space to save contracts, sick leave, payroll and much more, but with the possibility of having it on hand whenever you want.

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