From the Word of Mouth to the Word of Proud

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From the Word of Mouth to the Word of Proud


Mothers are indisputably heavy consumers. It is estimated that only in the United States they handle a volume of 7 trillion dollars. Their purchasing power is such that they represent 60% of the country’s wealth. lebanese numbers for sale Women with children are the most important sector of the population for companies. A segment made up of 85 million people with total autonomy to contract services and products worth 2.4 trillion dollars.85% of women are responsible for a large part of their household purchases. It should be borne in mind that purchasing decisions in this market niche are not focused on exclusively domestic products, or related to their well-being and that of their family, but rather that women make a large part of purchasing decisions, which includes sectors as important as automation.Women also represent a significant proportion of online consumers of the millennial generation, the main internet buyers. 20% of these clients are women between the ages of 25 and 54. Women define themselves as great lovers of technology. Mothers are the market niche that has most rapidly integrated mobile devices into their day-to-day lives. 87% of mothers have a smartphone; half of them (46%) even consider themselves addicted to it. An adoption that has led them to use this device as a way to formalize their purchases quickly and effectively.


Thus, in 2013 the volume of purchases made through these smart terminals is estimated at 12 billion dollars; a figure that is expected to reach 31 billion in gulf email list 2017.58% of moms prefer to buy through their mobile device. 7 out of 10 choose it without hesitation, rather than a tablet or the usual computer. Therefore, it is not surprising that neither sun nor shade is separated from it. 90% of them say that they always have it at hand, while shopping, watching TV, driving or in the kitchen. This allows them to carry out their favorite activities, that is, check their email (91%), search the internet (88%), shop (63%), or plan their vacations or travel getaways (28%). This love of mothers for mobile phones was also reflected in December in the survey “Millenial Moms & Media”, published by Meredith, which indicated that 91% of mothers born between 1977 and 1994 have a mobile device, either smartphone or tablet. What has led them to integrate these devices into their daily activity, generalizing their use when communicating, promoting their social relationships and consuming content. On this occasion, Meredith also highlighted the influence of social networks and recommendations on purchasing decisions, indicating how 64% of millennial mothers turn to Facebook to share their negative experiences, while 61% of these moms are very into take these recommendations into account when buying.Definitely, mobile devices have come to facilitate mothers their daily tasks of searching for information and facilitating purchase decisions and the very fact of making their purchases.



There is no better trigger than an opinion that comes from a satisfied user. What others say, write or post about a commercial experience today acquires great value to the point of guiding the true sense of existence of a brand and its relationship with those who live with it.When we are able to recommend and speak well of a product, service or commercial idea it is a sign of having reached a stage of conceptual internalization where we accept to adhere to the proposals that the brand offers. And it will be the summations of recommendations and positive replies that will generate a word of mouth (Word of Mouth) on a large scale and will strengthen the tendency to look at the brand with eyes of possible loyalty, at least for a considerable period of time. Generating Word of Mouth strategies goes hand in hand with content strategies that guide the way of branding. Depending on the objectives and specific needs of the brand, it is important to define the sequences of this Word of Mouth conversation process.Topic: the content is a priority, we must define what will be the common thread and the topic that starts and leads the conversation towards a direct link between users and brands.

Action: the content must go to the operationalization level where the public is the one who will execute the replicas according to the type of experience, personal objectives and convenience. This includes the offline and online actions that may arise: comments, posts, retweets and all the reactions and actions at a visual or textual level that strengthen the credibility of the message.
Replication: at this level, participation reaches greater value and stimulates wanting to feel comfortable with the philosophy of the brand and in some cases it is chosen to accept living with it.
Management: it is necessary to evaluate and confirm whether the proposed contents were capable of leading the life cycle of the conversations or were varying or adapting to complementary forms and to the messages proposed by the users. Here, therefore, it will be important to check, for example, if the contents were read, replicated, if the links were linked or a commercial transaction was generated.
Pride: having participated in the previous stages can be an indicator that the next time we interact with the brand, we will do so with a sense of satisfaction that motivates us to be proud every time we interact or think about it. We have become the spokesperson for an idea, slogan, benefit, service, product either via offline or online. This is the pride when, for example, you walk through a shopping center carrying bags of the Zara clothing brand, you go to work carrying a glass of Starbucks or the brand of a particular laptop is lit inside a cafe.Therefore, in this instance the word of mouth (Word of Mouth), left its literality to ascend to a more symbolic level where the conversation that you want to generate to the rest is that of pride (the Word of Proud), that pride of feel comfortable with the brand of the chosen product or service. What are the brands that make you feel proud and satisfied to live with them?

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