From visit to registry: lead capture strategies to accelerate conversion

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From visit to registry: lead capture strategies to accelerate conversion

All the actions linked to the Inbound Marketing methodology are aimed at capturing leads in a natural way . These types of strategies are based on a comprehensive approach in which different channels are combined to attract customers to the brand’s website. Therefore, Inbound ukmobilenumbers seeks to build a solid base of organic traffic by combining SEO-level page optimization, a powerful content marketing creation strategy , its dissemination on social networks and lead management with email marketing tactics.
How to convert this organic traffic into leads? In addition to including CTAs that lead to the contact page in blog posts and other relevant URLs, there are three key tactics:Form to receive the newsletter : these mailing lists are the first step to retain the audience that reaches the blog / web, as they group users who show interest in the content that the brand is generating.
Downloadable content campaigns: each lead capture campaign consists of a landing page, a form and a piece of content that can be a guide, ebook, catalog or success story. To access this special content, users must complete different fields on the form.
Webinars or Live Events : To participate in these online events, users must also register. Many B2B brands have moved their face-to-face presentations to the online arena as a result of the cancellation of industry fairs. For example, according to the 2020 B2B Content Marketing report from the Content Marketing Institute, the use of live webinars to capture leads is up 20% from last year.

Webinars are an excellent tool for capturing leads
Capturing leads with advertising strategies: key channels
Advertising plays a crucial role in underpinning your lead acquisition strategy. What functionalities do the main platforms offerMore options for capturing leads with Google Ads
Google had already been testing the new ad extension dedicated to capturing leads since 2019 , but it was this summer when they gave it the final push. In addition to the name, email, phone number, advertisers can now include additional fields in the forms to request the city, state or region, country, as well as information related to the company (name, position and work phone or email).With this ad extension, the user does not land on the brand’s website , but fills in the form and the contact data is transmitted to a CSV file or to a webhook that directly integrates them into the CRM (if it is within the compatible ones). In this way, the options for capturing leads through Google Ads are expanded , which can be tested in combination with campaigns directed at a landing page in order to contrast their performance.. YouTube: the TrueView for Action format for generating leads

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In our blog we have already highlighted the conversion power of YouTube’s TrueView for Action format when we were talking about directing transactional traffic gulf email list  to an e-commerce. However, these types of ads are also very effective when the objective is to attract leads , since they not only allow that traffic to be derived to a landing page, but it is also possible to add forms in the mobile view . In addition, the YouTube feed is part of the inventory of sites where Google’s Discovery Ads can appear . With these ads on YouTube, Gmail or Google Discover, brands can segment their audiences based on their interests or behavior and launch lead generation campaigns that follow a similar mechanism to advertising on social networks. Without a doubt, social networks are very versatile when it comes to working with leads . According to the 2019 State of Social Lead Generation report published by SocialMediaToday , Facebook is the preferred network to attract leads with 82% of responses, followed by LinkedIn with 48% and Instagram with 43%.While Facebook has a more general approach, LinkedIn is the B2B social network par excellence. In fact, in the last few months, LinkedIn has added two new available targets : business category and company growth rate . These are added to an exhaustive list of options that allow you to fine-tune the business audience of lead generation campaigns .With increasing audiences interacting in online channels, brands must adjust their lead capture strategies to take advantage of the new possibilities that are emerging thanks to the advancement of digital habits and the main tools . If you want us to help you implement a lead generation plan, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our specialists will design it according to your objectives.

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