Gemgloo an accounting software, in the cloud and made in Bolivia

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Gemgloo an accounting software, in the cloud and made in Bolivia

A few weeks ago while browsing the internet (for a change) and looking for national developments, I came to the Gemgloo page , an accounting software in the cloud and precisely made in Bolivia.
As a result of this, I asked the people of Gemgloo to allow me to interview them and learn a little more about them, the benefits of their software and to give some advice to Bolivian companies about the importance of contemplating this type of implementation. and innovations, which are becoming increasingly important. The good thing is that they have a free plan, for all those who want to know the platform, before taking a further step.
Below, you can see the responses from Jorge Eguez, CEO of Gemgloo who kindly gave me to share with you.What is Gemgloo?Gemgloo is an accounting and administrative system with cloud storage , capable of carrying out the complete accounting and administration of SMEs .  Norway Phone Number List Created with the intention of simplifying the administrative work of small and medium-sized companies in Bolivia and they can focus on what is important, which is the sales of their company, without neglecting its administration .

Was this software born in Bolivia? How did they start?
Yes, indeed our software was born in Bolivia and has been developed by neutral programmers from our country. The idea of ​​creating Gemgloo was born from our consulting firm Grupo Guez SRL, where we provide accounting outsourcing services, HR management and everything related to accounting . Where we very often saw the need of our clients, they could have an intuitive and easy-to-use accounting software that could simplify the administration of their company.
That’s when the idea was born in 2009 and we originally called it Seycomsoft, it was used by clients to whom we offered the consulting services. Then we saw the opportunity to be able to market it and we adapted the software for more generalized use.
Why use accounting software in the cloud?
I tell you that technology in recent years has advanced a lot and the use of it has allowed us to meet those needs that we could not do manually or it cost us a lot of work and time. Using an accounting software in the cloud has multiple benefits, including:


Unlike desktop software , you can access your company information from anywhere as long as you  gulf email list have an internet connection. And this is not a limitation because you can find a Wi-Fi network anywhere.
You pay for what you consume, so it is less expensive. It is adaptable to the production of your company.
You do not have to worry about updates, or that the software you use may become obsolete due to the fact that the technology used is constantly updated.
Reduces the consumption of paper in the preparation of reports and information recording.
What would be the advantage for Bolivian companies of using accounting software like Gemgloo?
Using software like Gemgloo is very advantageous for small and medium-sized companies and even for the self-employed due to its easy adaptation to any activity carried out by the company. I can quote you the following:
ur priority is the maximum protection of the information of our users, that is why we have an extreme security system hosted in the United States, we take care of continuously backing up their information in the same software , however, the client has access to do it himself too.
It has no storage limit.
The administrator can give access to the users who use the system and delegate the specific functions that he wants it to handle, denying access to the others.
You can manage multiple warehouses and even the inventory of multiple branches separately in the same access.

With gemgloo you can create payroll, bonus, overtime control, vacations, etc. etc. In short, everything related to Human Resources .
And the most important thing is that Gemgloo adapts to the client, that is why we have two contracting modalities: Subscription which is a monthly or quarterly or annual payment and also by License which is a single payment.
What features does your software have?
The main characteristic that identifies us, apart from the multiple advantages of the software , is that we identify with the user, analyze their need and based on that we supply what they are looking for. It is not a canned accounting system , in the case of licensing the software has a specific structure, but we can make the necessary adjustments to suit the particular client.How do you see Bolivian companies and their ability to implement this type of software?
Gemgloo has the particularity that it adapts to any type of company, I explain: we have two contracting modalities and each one has its plans and characteristics:Subscription modality: This modality is for small companies and freelancers that by means of an access to the software from the same website www.gemgloo.com the client will be able to access with their user at any time and anywhere. This modality has different plans: There is the Free plan, Basic Plan, Plus Plan and the Pro Plan. Each one with different characteristics and the client can choose the one that best suits their business.
Gemgloo at mclanfranconi accounting softwareTo see all the details of the plans, you can visit this link )

License Modality : This modality is for medium-sized companies that prefer to buy the software and make a single payment for the exclusive use in your company, which you can adapt as it grows, and you only have to pay annually for the hosting of the hosting and if you need any improvement or requirement. This modality has two plans that are Standard and Premium
For contact and more information, you can enter this linWhy the name “Gemgloo”?
Gemgloo was born from the decision to create a more commercial name than the one we had before Seycomsoft and we involved our entire team and together by a play on words that were given, as we formed Gemgloo .How do you sell online software in Bolivia? Are there good channels?
It is sold of course that yes, until now we have had a good reception from the users we have and since all our clients are the majority from Santa Cruz, precisely for that reason we are working on opening a market both inside and outside of Bolivia . Approximately one or two months we already begin to market it outside the country.We are using all the commercial channels that we have at our disposal, both offline and online and to be able to reach more people.
Where can people contact you or learn more?
Our website i there you can see all the features of the software. You can also contact us and schedule an appointment in the following ways and with pleasure in a particular way we give you
A final piece of advice for Bolivian companies?
Our advice to Bolivian companies is that we are in a time where technology is constantly evolving and it is necessary that we evolve to the same rite and that Bolivia can also be part of the very competitive market in which Latin America is facing the world.

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