Generate Leads with Social Networks in 5 steps

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Generate Leads with Social Networks in 5 steps

To make this clearer, we will address the process in a few steps:
tep 1 – Define the people who make the most sense for your uae numbers for sale The definition of the target person is important for several reasons, one of the main ones being the reduction of the cost per qualified Lead.The idea behind this concept is very simple: many people do not have the decision-making power to purchase your product or they do not fit in with your target audience.
Therefore, it is very important to focus on the leads that have the ideal fit and know how to say no. In this way, your effort will surely be much more fruitful and you will achieve good results in the long term
Step 2 – Identify the correct Social Networks for your audience
With the ideal person defined, it will be a little clearer where to find your target audience. Example: imagine your ideal person is an IT Segment Project Manager and the company with the best fit typically has 50 to 100 employees.

Thinking of that person, on what social networks would you find them? One of them, for example, could be Linkedin . To better illustrate, doing a brief search on this social network, we found groups with almost 20 thousand “IT Project Managers”.
tep 3 – Explore the various possibilities that social media offers
Once you have defined where you are going to focus your efforts, it is important to understand the possibilities that each social network offers:Tip: create relevant content and explore the results. Today there is no room for bad content, and the reader’s decision on the quality of your post can be summed up in just a quick glance at the image or your CTA . It is important to emphasize that, like almost everything that exists in Digital Marketing , the results are shown with the numbers, and by number we mean Leads and not just “Like”. That is, run tests and see what works best.Facebook Ads / Remarketing
Facebook Ads is undoubtedly one of the most powerful channels to find your target audience. There are several ways to segment: gender, age, email, position, places where you studied and much more. In this brief example you can already see that it is possible to explore various options.
Something quite positive too, is that it can be used for both B2C and B2B. For example, for B2C, information about gender and age is widely used. In the case of B2B, information such as position and training may be more interesting.


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It is very important that your offer in Facebook Ads is specific and not generic, so you do not waste traffic and direct it to a single point. In the same way, it is important to create a specific Adwords ad for a Landing Page , in Facebook Ads that precision is extremely valuable.
Company website *Facebook Ads by itself is already very useful, however it is possible to go even further with the possibility of remarketing. In order to do that, you need to install a conversion pixel on your website . After installed, you can make the ad based on the pages that your visitor has already passed. For example, in B2C, for visitors who add items to the shopping cart but give up and abandon the purchase, you can offer a 10% discount for them to return and complete the process.
Publications on the Facebook Fan Page
Classic but it works. It is the channel in which you can speak more closely to your audience, since they were the one who chose to follow your page. With your publications on the Fan Page, you can direct your traffic to content pages (Blog), Landing Pages and even specific offers.
A tip is to explore the segmentations that Facebook allows: age, interest, location, language, and other possibilities of demographic segmentation. It is not enough to create a generic post, remember the importance of having a special communication for each person.
Another important tip is to find out the best posting schedule and the number of times you post per day. In addition to, of course, maintaining consistency in your publications.


The largest B2B social network on the planet cannot be left out of this list. Linkedin is growing a lot in Latin America.a) Sponsor content published on your Company Page or Showcase: This form is very similar to the possibility of sponsoring a post on Facebook. It is mainly focused to bring your content to your target audience. You can rely on digital content marketing strategies and thereby achieve a greater reach for your publications. The segmentation possibilities are enormous, you can segment by: company size, position, function, company sector, company name, diplomas acquired and much more. It is more advantageous than Facebook since it has more frequent updates related to the work of a professional, since it focuses exclusively on that.
b) Create highly targeted ads to attract new customers: You can target this type of ad for your Company Page or even for your website. It has the same segmentation possibilities that we talked about in the previous point. Therefore, the main difference here is that it has a more direct effect that goes beyond your Linkedin page. Besides that, you can try variations and choose the one that gave the best result. The only thing is that today the CPC of Linkedin is at a minimum of $ 2.00 USD and a minimum daily budget of $ 10.00 USD. It seems a bit expensive but it can give a very good result for your company.
Groups on Linkedin
Another very good possibility is Linkedin Groups. They work in much the same way with Facebook Groups. The difference is that Linkedin is exclusively aimed at the professional area, which guarantees greater precision in segmentation. Linkedin in its groups has a more “professional” air, since on Facebook it has groups with a relatively high number of spammers.Aim to become a reference in the content you are talking about. In the same way that we discussed Facebook Groups, there is no room for useless content. Readers need to find great value in published content.


Google+ emerged in 2011 and is gradually gaining more followers. With its “Circles” it becomes easier to create segmentations and direct the content to whoever makes the most senseAnother advantage is that you can use communities that, if you remember, work in a very similar way as the old Orkut did, and that are also very close to Facebook and Linkedin groupsTwitter is also a great way to speak directly to your audience. The advantage is that you can take advantage of the content that you have already generated on your blog to spread it on the network and with that, attract extra traffic to your webwitter In addition to organic posts, you can also promote your page on Twitter to attract more followers and make ads focused on bringing more traffic to your website.Even Twitter also has a campaign focused especially on the generation of Leads and you only have to pay for each Lead generated.Step 4 – Generate relevant content for your audience
An idea that could already be reflected in good results would be to generate relevant content to nurture your audience.If you work with certifications for in-company project managers, for example, one of the constant challenges for these professionals is “how to implant the importance of managing projects in the company culture”. That would already give a good idea to generate an eBook.
There are different ways to generate content and another important point to think about is: Who am I sending this content to?A Lead that is in the phase of recognizing the problem is not yet ready for the purchase, in the same way that, for a Lead that is in the phase of the “Purchase Decision”, addressing issues from the Top of the Sales Funnel dont have much sense. That is why it is essential to nurture the Leads depending on the stage of the Sales Funnel in which they are.Step 5 – Transform your visitors into Leads
After all that work of creating the ideal profile, verifying which social networks work for your business, planning, creating and reviewing the content, it is essential that your visitors convert, right? So all your work will not be in vain.There are some tips that can help you have a better conversion and they are the following:

Use social media to convert visitors into leads
Something that is seen a lot in Landing Pages today is the possibility of a Lead converter through your profile on social networks. To contextualize according to the company Gigya (an American company specializing in identity management), the possibility of converting with a click using the filling of forms by social networks increases the conversion rate of a form by an average of 33%This happens for several reasons, one of them is the fact that the visitor will not need to fill in the fields of the form on the Landing Page.At the moment of clicking on Complete, Fill, Login with Facebook for example and authorize the use of the data, the fields are automatically completed.Following another investigation by Janrain , 88% of the people interviewed at some point had already filled out forms with false information. This happens for some reasons: sensitive data such as telephone number or identification number, lack of confidence in the Landing Page, etc.Another important point is that the visitor has already filled that in before on social networks, without having the need to fill in again in other Landing Pages.
In short, another great advantage is the possibility of qualifying Leads at the time they are registered, even if it is for a conversion from the Upper part of the Funnel. This happens because some social networks such as Linkedin, already report data at the time of conversion such as: position, company segment, company name and different more basic information such as name or emailIf you want to use a lead qualification tool you will be able to identify which Lead can be directed to more advanced stages of the Buying Process and reduce the sales cycle. Very practical right?In this post we observe that the possibilities of using social networks to generate leads are endless and it all depends on your planning and what makes the most sense for you.
The main tip that we bring at the end of this post is that you do not forget to be relevant first of all. Create content that teaches instead of trying to lead the visitor to a page about your product. Think of people with love and make special content for each one.

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