Get it at once: Advertising, Marketing and Marketing are NOT the same.

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Get it at once: Advertising, Marketing and Marketing are NOT the same.

A few days ago in one of my Facebook states, it was a big stir and even with many comments, jokes and even points of view.What was it about?
Below you can see the image:advertising, marketing and commercializationAs a result of this image I decided to create this article, where I will explain (from my point of view) what isthe difference between Advertising, Marketing and Commercialization.I know you are thinking:MARIANO ISN’T THIS OBVIOUS?Maybe for you or for other readers it is, but without a doubt there are many people who do not understand the differenceBut that does not worry me, because they are on time.What REALLY worries me is the number of entrepreneurs, Denmark Phone Number List  smen and even company managers who do not know it and are suffering some of the consequences of this, which although it seems a “simple” it is not. (I talk about this below)
Let’s get started.The big difference between Advertising, Marketing and Marketing.
⇒ What is Advertising?
Advertising is a form of communication (and a technique within marketing) that uses different mass and non-mass media for its different communication objectives:Increase the consumption of a product or service ( Not necessarily sell )Publicize (insert) a new brand, product or service in the market.
Improve the perception and image of a brand.
Just to simplify the explanation and not write a whole thesis, advertising is responsible for COMMUNICATING something, but at no time its objective is to sell or distribute something.

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When should Advertising be used?
Basically when you want to make communications to the public of a brand and based on the objectives that I mentioned earlier.If a company wants to sell  gulf email list more, advertising can “influence” consumer behavior, but it will not necessarily ensure that it will increase sales.Where is the problem in companies?
Many companies hire from advertising graduates to advertising agencies in order to increase their sales.
This is a serious error.More sales cannot be ensured from advertising, although this is the result thanks to a correct influence on consumer behavior.
Therefore, it is key not to confuse these two concepts.advertising, marketing and marketing 2
Seriously … not knowing how to explain some things is very dangerous.
⇒ What is MarketingHere I do not want to get too caught up in the many definitions of marketing that exist, but to start talking a little about how we have “distorted” the concept of this word.
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Why do we “distort” the concept of Marketing?
In this Gestiópolis article on marketing semantics , it is shown how its origin is based on the gerund of “ To Market ” (For the Market) which in turn derives from the Greek word “ Merk ” whose meaning is “ Mercar “or” Buy “.The big problem is that in our language, the gerund is not used in the same way as in English and for this reason Marketing has been translated in different ways such as:

I’m not going to discuss the correct way to put it, so we’ll stick with marketing.So what is marketing?
Taking most of the definitions, it could be said that marketing is a process by which the market is studied , in order to satisfy its needs. Obviously this satisfaction will be based on a company, brand, product or service.But to further atomize the concept:IT IS STUDYING THE MARKET.
Well, the market study will say that, which will impact a company in various ways in its planning:Study the market to find out what price you are willing to pay.
Study the market to know what product you need.
Study the market to know what type of packaging you would like the most.
Study the market to find out where you would like to buy a product.
Etc.advertising, marketing and merchandising 3
Source: I don’t know, someone posted it on my Facebook status 😀
Where is the problem in companies?
The main problem is that many times they hire and put a marketing manager and do not know what to demand, therefore they demand anything. This person has the ability to coordinate different aspects ( for example advertising or marketing ) or even to create marketing plans .The problem is that the current marketing manager is seen as a ” Todologist ” who must know everything from creating advertising campaigns, to managing the company’s social media accounts, to creating distribution points or managing the sales team.The second problem is that marketers are often hired, hoping to increase sales, but not given the ability to research or use resources.In short you are asked to ONLY trade without key resources.In this sense, it is like buying a Ferrari and driving it down a dirt road at 50 kilometers per hour.Time passes, things do not improve and it is always “the fault of marketing.”The third problem is that many companies have a marketing specialist (Manager, Consultant or Agency) and they only ask him to focus on communication (Advertising) waiting for sales to increase (Marketing) and all without researching the market to really plan (Marketing)

Literally, a tremendous salad is put together. What is Marketing?
Marketing is part of one of the many ramifications or marketing techniques and its objective is to achieve an exchange of goods and services between producers and consumers.Said to the Creole:
Many more elements such as distribution channels, logistics and more will enter into commercialization.
Of the 3 definitions that I mentioned (Advertising, Marketing and Marketing) this is the one that is totally oriented to sell.What is the problem in companies?
The first problem is confusing a marketing manager with a marketing manager. Whoever reads this article will understand the obvious reasons that they are not the same.
The second problem is having a commercial manager and requesting him general marketing actions or worse, marketing and advertising.Finally, the third problem is that many times companies or entrepreneurs, not understanding these 3 concepts, hire the wrong professional.
It is true that a marketer can take care of the commercialization, but again, it would be wasting his potential for research, planning, execution and control, by focusing only on the action and not on the previous (and HIGHLY necessary) stepsAnyway, after reading this article I am sure of something.You already know very well the difference between Advertising, Marketing and Marketing , so do not make the mistake of confusing 3 concepts that for different reasons (who knows why) for years have been mixed.

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