GIF: the format that contributed to the transformation of digital marketing

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GIF: the format that contributed to the transformation of digital marketing

A Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is so widely used today that the instant messaging application with more than one billion active users per month, WhatsApp, has been adapted to the needs of users and recently allows creating and sharing GIFs. According to Brandwatch, some 100 million GIFs were sent on Twitter in 2015 alone. However, the format emerged long before this boom, in fact it is 30 years old today. Steve Wilhite NETHERLANDS MOBILE NUMBER LIST is its original developer, who completed the first GIF design on May 30, 1987. The company behind this format that would revolutionize digital marketing is Compuserve. The company did not create the GIF with the purpose of being revolutionary, but at that time it wanted the images to be displayed quickly in the slow connections of the machines of that time, through a format compatible with all types of computers. Netherlands Mobile Database

From these objectives emerged the format that companies currently use in their digital strategies, for example, Netflix, which frequently uses them to answer their followers and which has earned it great engagement with its target, until it has more than 35 million followers alone. on Facebook. The use of GIF is so important today that it could even be a potential weapon , Brother Cell Phone List according to a case that set the precedent. This is the case of John Rivello, who sent an animated GIF to a Newsweek journalist who suffers from epilepsy, causing him a seizure. A court accuses him of serious assault with a deadly weapon, and the authorities verified that he sent the content with the intention that the journalist had an attack and even caused his death, as they could see in a publication on Twitter, in which wrote “Let’s see if he dies.” Thus, the GIF has contributed to digital marketing, whose investment in the world would reach 229,250 million dollars this 2017, according to eMarketer projections.


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