Gignac: the best or worst personal marketing strategy in Mexican soccer?

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Gignac: the best or worst personal marketing strategy in Mexican soccer?

With more than 278 thousand impressions so far, according to the specialized website, TweetReach, #FuerzaGignac has become one of the main trends on Twitter, at least in Mexico. This is Nepal Mobile Number List derived from thousands of tweets that have put on the “table” the subject of a personal brand strategy that draws attention to the point of being analyzed. And it seems a consecutive factor that a character behaves in a controversial way to generate love and hate among users of social networks, which finally impacts the personal brand, aiming to grow its popularity.Nepal Mobile Number List

In this case, it transpired that the Tigres footballer, Andrè-Pierre Gignac , attacked the journalist Yussif Caro, of Televisa, after his squad lost the final to Chivas at the weekend. However, he tried to clarify that he did not attack him and backtracked with the warning to leave Liga MX due to the “lies” of the press. Given this, social network users expressed their opinion on Twitter. Some with negative tints for what the defender represents in the most popular sport in Mexico: And others of encouragement, giving him the reason about what happened, even accusing the journalists of yellowing.

This phenomenon has been seen with characters like Donald Trump, without comparing the personal brands of one and the other, the truth is that in social networks the behavior of users is similar. This response from users earned Trump the presidency of the United States, thanks to the enormous amount of free publicity he received for causing controversy on the 140-character social network, which he even positioned as a new Brother Cell Phone List priority channel for official communications in the world of politics. Recall that in campaign, The New York Times published an analysis, carried out by Mediaquant, on the advertising expenses of the applicants and the “earned media” or advertising without cost thanks to the coverage in the media. Donald Trump spent 10 million dollars in advertising and was the one that invested the least in this area among the four Republican candidates and the two Democrats; the media “gave” him an equivalent of $ 1,890 million. Thus, the comments towards Gignac have resulted in mentions in the main Mexican media, which even with negative mentions, increase the popularity of its brand.

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