Godzilla, Volkswagen’s new bet on social network

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Godzilla, Volkswagen’s new bet on social network

Godzilla , the giant reptile that is remembered by dozens of movies in which he destroys buildings and entire cities, has been an ambassador for tourism for a Tokyo district and for other products related to oriental culture, as it was created by Eiji Tsuburaya. However, Godzilla, Volkswagen’s new bet on social network Volkswagen has decided that it can also be related South Africa Mobile Number List to its Jetta. In a video for the social network, the car brand has featured Godzilla. On his official Facebook profile, with almost 30 million followers, fans of the character have turned to positive comments for the images: Godzilla is a cult franchise, not only because it has a large number of fans around the world, but because of the making of more than 32 films since its emergence in Japan in 1954.South-Korea Mobile Database

The image and the paraphernalia have been translated into millions of dollars in profits and a product that is recognized around the world. Godzilla has been an effective hook with various segments, the engagement is such that last year the sports brand Reebok will Godzilla, Brother Cell Phone List Volkswagen’s new bet on social network launch special edition tennis shoes with designs inspired by the giant monster destroys cities. Also brands such as Fiat, Snickers, Mattel, Dr. Pepper and PTT Performa Gold placed Godzilla as the protagonist in their advertisements some time ago.

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