Google Ads: Why use it? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Google Ads: Why use it? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advertising in Google Ads has a series of advantages and disadvantages for companies that use it on a daily basis. According to a Wishpond study, 95% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. At first, it was usa any phone number  only limited to advertising in the search engine.However, over the years, it is now possible that companies can use other devices to advertise such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Regarding the latter, Wishpond ensures that 33% of all searches on Google generate clicks from mobile phones.Other platforms where Google Ads has proven to be very efficient are portals such as YouTube, where many companies have opted to create ads within videos. As in Gmail, taking advantage of the fact that many users have an email on that platform, managing to hook them through a notice in their mailbox.Campaign: This is the set of ad groups (ads, keyword) that go hand in hand with a budget, geographic targeting and different configuration options. Normally, companies carry out a different Google Ads campaign for each product.
Keywords: Known as individual terms or phrases established by the advertiser. In this way, when a user searches for that word on Google or a very similar one, they can come across your company’s ad.
Ads: It is known as the advertising texts that will appear in search engines advertising our products.
Maximum bid: It is the maximum cost that the advertiser assumes for his ad to be shown on Display. On the other hand, bids are established based on a cost per click (CPC) unlike the display network where it is possible to bid on clicks.

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Quality Score: Google will reward companies that have placed ads with a high quality score.  gulf email list The reward takes effect in that the CPCs decrease and the ads appear at different times.
Having said this. A campaign must be configured with all the elements of an advertising campaign and define the keywords that we need. Next, the maximum bid will come into play where it does not matter how much money you bid. In the end, Google will evaluate the quality level of your campaign. This is because it is intended that both large businesses and micro-businesses can compete equally.Google Ads is very useful if you are looking for fast traffic to your website. Unlike SEO that can take weeks or even months, Google Ads gives us instant results.Using Google Ads guarantees you to appear on the first page of one of the most used search engines on the internet. Many users will know of you when they are looking to satisfy a concern about a topic.Do you have an innovative idea? With Google Ads you can try it without worrying so much about SEO. You can test which keywords can generate more traffic. By having more users visiting you, you will be able to learn more about them.To appear on Google, you do not need a lot of investment unlike other traditional media such as television or radio. Given the platform’s good bidding system, your ad will appear in user searches as long as it is of quality.

Although you may have developed the best campaign in Google Ads. The truth is that in the end it is still a paid ad. And users prefer to go for organic results. That is why, as a company, you must offer content in your ad that cannot be found in traditional searchesIf you are looking to run an optimized campaign, it may be best to seek the help of a specialist, such as a digital marketing agency . By having a team specialized in the field, you can have the correct keywords, negative words and a better bid strategy.Advertising is not putting in your best keywords and waiting for people to click. No, being involved with Google Ads, you will need a long time to be aware if your campaign is taking effect and to optimize the guidelines if necessary.It would be a lie for someone to tell you that all campaigns are successful. Running the campaign is simple, but getting good results is complicated. Everything will depend on how you work your ad and whether your price or offer will be good enoughApplying ads on Google won’t work for all businesses. This is because there is a lot of competition in certain areas, such as food or transportation businesses. For these types of companies, the use of advertising in applications or Google “My Business” is recommended to attract a better target audience.Remember that Google Ads will get visits based on the quality of your ad. Selling your service or product will help boost your business. Being clear about the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads, remember that the key to success will be to run a good campaign by placing the correct elements.

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