Google built an archive of 3,000 years of fashion, what brands were involved?

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Google built an archive of 3,000 years of fashion, what brands were involved?

Apparently, Google also seeks to expand its horizons beyond technology and advertising, since the company has created a more accessible and comprehensive fashion collection, where to access it via virtual, you will only need an internet connection. Google created the “We Wear Costa Rica Mobile Number List Culture” project, which is a collaboration between Google and more than 180 museums, schools and fashion institutions, as well as other organizations from all over the world, to digitize the world’s cultural treasures, using a guide of 30 thousand fashion pieces. Costa Rica Mobile Number List

The collection, also known as “three millennia of fashion at your fingertips,” required Google to hire hundreds of curators to create 450 exhibits on a variety of topics, such as the evolution of women’s clothing to swimsuits. The interesting thing about the project is that it mixes Brother Cell Phone List education with fashion on a virtual platform. As if it were a virtual journey, Google focuses on a digital journey to expose an old piece of Coco Chanel, as well as the history of black clothes, in addition to the history of Chanel and a black dress, complete with basic elements. of a wardrobe.

Among other pieces, there are fine bodices from the 16th century, which were not properly from a famous brand, but rather the status lay in who wore them, which in that case was Queen Elizabeth I of England. Through its Google Arts & Culture division, the company aims to land old fashion at the midpoint of how brands were inspired by those garments, plus the digital journey also includes the history of shoes, from the 16th century.

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