Google I / O, presents the latest news of its platform. Google 2021

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Google I / O, presents the latest news of its platform. Google 2021

Google, one of the most important companies in the world for its developed web search engine, has announced the latest improvements to its platform buy chinese mobile at Google I / O. A computer renovation that prioritizing immediacy and connectivity includes from the latest beta of Android 12 and an extra privacy and security to the merger of WearOS with Tizen, among others. Google, in addition to having the search engine par excellence on the internet, offers specialized services such as exploration of audiovisual content, web portals, maps and any article or product itself that is attached to the digital world. Being one of the most recognized companies for its prestige and high user demand, Google has briefly explained what its revolutionary online improvements will consist of. NEW VERSION ANDROID 12
Android faces its biggest redesign since it was born, according to the vice president of product management for Android and Google Play, Sameer Samat. Google has confirmed that the launch of Android 12 comes with a new design based on the “Material You” system. A visual makeover focused on the aesthetics of the dock buttons and changing colors or smooth animations.
However, the functional characteristics will have minor changes, the weight of this renovation resides in the design and will be carried out in all its products from the web to the hardware itself.

Now Google gives its customers the ability to hide certain images to prevent them from appearing in their main feed or in other applications. This new function is called “Locked Folder” and will store images that the user does not want to share publicly using security encryption. This photographic advance will be available on Pixels from its launch, although Google has ensured that it will be installed on Android throughout 2021.
Google prioritizes the health of its recipients and has added to its list of improvements a web tool that through artificial intelligence helps people to identify possible infections or problems in the skin, hair or nails themselves. The company’s goal is to issue a pilot test by the end of the year.
The web’s work methodology consists of taking three photographs of the damaged area and completing a form on symptoms. Finally it would provide a list of possible causes among a total of 288 recorded conditions.

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At the 2021 I / O developer conference, Google said that Google Maps will receive new functions, including the update of “Live View” , a basic for navigating the world through augmented reality.With this improvement, the  gulf email list user will be able to access Live View directly from Google Maps and will collect a lot of useful information for the user. A notable example of the functions is the possibility of knowing the occupation of restaurants and shops and even reviews of the most remarkable places in each area.
Additionally, Google will refine the labeling of streets at complex intersections and will automatically guide the user to frequent, previously registered locations.

GOOGLE AND SAMSUNG TO MERGE WEAR OS AND TIZENBoth companies have jointly stated that they are immersed in a project to merge with Wear OS, Google’s operating system, and with the Tizen-based samartwatch software platform, a fundamental tool for many years for Samsung’s wearable devices. This merger would mean longer battery life and 30 percent faster charge times for smooth animations and apps.
The result of the merger is known as “Wear”, although they have not confirmed that it is the final name.
The Google I / O 2021 colloquium has focused on the security and privacy of the services offered, especially in Google Photos with encrypted folders, reminders that the location is being shared and elimination of the last 15 minutes of search.
These developments in the user privacy service would reach the corresponding Android applications in the coming months.

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