Google joins the showrooming trend

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Google joins the showrooming trend

Google has decided to de-virtualize its products and offer the possibility for its customers to physically interact with their products before buying. The internet giant plans to open stores this month to showcase its products and make it easier for customers to get to know them up close and experiment with them.These facilities, called Google Winter Wonderlabs , are spaces open to interaction, which seek to offer a pleasant brand experience with users. Those interested can get their hands on the new Nexus 7 or try the Chromebook and Chromecast and, if they wish, purchase them online. Its structure is also characteristic, in the shape of an igloo, inside which it allows customers to take photos and record videos with the products, virtually surrounded by this cold white element, and share them online. The nigeria phone number database model applied to these Google establishments corresponds to showrooming, the increasingly common practice of viewing offline and getting to know the product closely and then buying online.



These interactive spaces will be located in 6 shopping centers in the United States, specifically in gulf email list New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Washington andSacramento.With this initiative, Google is pointing to showrooming, a habit already widespread among consumers. According to comScore, 76% of customers are showrooms, albeit occasionally. It is a behavior that has developed as mobile technology evolved and these smart devices were integrated into our day-to-day lives. A habit that, far from damaging retailers, could retain them, if they are able to integrate these new consumption patterns into their strategy. Thus, showrooming already generates half of online purchases, according to Usablenet.

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