Google launches a free version of Google Shopping

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Google launches a free version of Google Shopping

This is the kind of news that cannot go unnoticed! Google has just launched a free version of Google Shopping in the United States and India. For a few days, retailers denmark code number telephone  who want to advertise on Google Shopping and on the Shopping tab of Google.com will be able to do so at no cost. Where will the free Google Shopping ads appear? Free product offers from Google Shopping will be visible in two environments: n the Google Shopping tab
By clicking on this tab, users can narrow their searches so that the results return only products. There a new space has been set up for this type of offer, just below the paid search results. On Shopping.Google.com
Known to advertisers as ” Google Shopping Actions “, this platform is already being used widely. As can be seen in the following screenshots, there is a notable change in terms of user experience (UX), since the results are displayed just below the payment section.Google Shopping results on mobile before and after the changBefore / After Google Shopping on Mobile
Google Shopping results on desktop before and after the change:

Before / After Google Shopping on Desktop
New optimizations to keep in mind
This new opportunity to display the Google Shopping catalog for free does not require the upload of an additional feed. You can activate the following section through the Merchant Center (in this Google help article you can see how to start it )Surfaces across Google
Afterwards, you need to add a new landing page for the feed integrated into the Merchant Center and activate the “Google Platform” section (Surfaces Across Google) .Activate the “Surfaces Across Google” destinatioHowever, it is very important to pay attention to the content that you are going to provide to Google. In fact, we are talking about a free listing of products for Google Shopping but, who says free, says optimized for SEO. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with this content beforehand so that it achieves the highest possible visibility in organic search results. In the same way, care must be taken so that this does not negatively affect the payment results in Google Shopping. We cannot forget that the Shopping tab in Google represents a minimum percentage compared to the global traffic that all Google Shopping receivesOnce activated, in the Merchant Center you can access a specific report with the traffic data registered in this new section.

Denmark-Phone-Number-List (1)

Specific report to quantify your free traffic results directly on your Merchant CenterAn option only available in the United States and India for now gulf email list  Unfortunately, this option is restricted to advertisers in the United States and India. We believe that it will be extended to the rest of the countries, but Europe is a special case when we talk about Google Shopping.In fact, the arrival of CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) to the European market forced Google to open Shopping to competition and it is not clear that Google can legally offer this free option on this continenIn conclusion, we think this is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to display their products for free on Google Shopping. We know that organic results on Google enjoy great credibility with users, but by restricting these results to the Shopping tab and Shopping.Google.com, we should not expect an explosion of free traffic.

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