Google launches a video game to teach cybersecurity to children

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Google launches a video game to teach cybersecurity to children

After the massive ransomware attack, WannaCry, which damaged more than 150 thousand computers around the world, highlighted the importance of having personal data under a proper password, as well as having the correct antivirus. With the aim of warning the smallest netizens, children, Google designed a computer video game that teaches cybersecurity Iran Mobile Number List to children and how to protect themselves against a phishing attack, that is, theft and kidnapping of personal information. The program is called “Be Internet Awesome,” where Google partnered with youtubers to promote the initiative that includes educational materials. The software with the video games consists of levels, called “Interland”, where children travel through four floating worlds, put together puzzles and quizzes related to online safety. Iran Mobile Number List

As they move forward, users battle against cyber bullying, hackers, and scammers. The game is similar to Minecraft, from Microsoft. During a test carried out on 100 children, they confirmed that by playing it they learned cybersecurity and personal data protection lessons. According to the Brother Cell Phone List company, the video game will be presented to the United States authorities for public schools to adopt as a digital tool for children. To do this, Google partnered with ConnectSafely, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, as well as antivirus firms.

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