Google My Business: Opportunities in the New Normal

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Google My Business: Opportunities in the New Normal

The evolution of Google My Business into the new normal
Many businesses have had to offer customers services adapted to the new normal. Being the online showcase for physical stores , Google My buy cell number has undergone its own transformation throughout this time:. The variety of attributes in GMB has grown exponentially
During the coronavirus crisis, GMB added the label of “temporarily closed” and they continued adding relevant attributes for local businesses such as, for example, “store pickup” or “contactless delivery”, but also added others related to online services such as “Online classes”, “online medical consultations” and a long list of new attributes to inform users directly .. Phone calls through GMB have skyrocketed
According to Brandify’s Pandemic Insights Study report, in the United States, in full confinement in March, calls to businesses through Google My Business tripled and, once the de-escalation began , the registered number continued to remain above the precovid-19 levels . Nowadays, businesses receive twice as many calls on average and interaction with the GMB panel has also increased because more visits to the web are registered and the “how to get” button is used more.Source: Brandify’s Pandemic Insights Study
Source: Brandify’s Pandemic Insights Study The posts on Google My Business have become a new window for conversionThe posts appear at the end of the GMB Knowledge Panel and are a quick way to communicate to users the news of the brand in terms of products, services, offers and even events . Of course, so that there are no complications in the process, it is necessary to know well the GMB publication policy before writing them.

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How to integrate Google  gulf email list  My Business into your local marketing strategyWe review some keys that allow us to take advantage of the potential of GMB to achieve conversions:. Keep your contact information updated to improve the user experience
One year after the global spread of COVID-19, uncertainty continues to shape consumer purchasing habits . For this reason, the NAP information (name, address and telephone number) in the GMB profile must be updated to the current situation .Nor should we forget to check that the opening hours are correct (you can even add special time slots) and other important information such as links to the website or conversion landings to book an appointment or place an order. In the event that the links in the Google My Business profile do not work, Google will directly eliminate them, thus losing an interesting window for organic conversion. Make your business shine locally
If well optimized, the GMB profile is a focus of interactions with users capable of attracting more sales and visits to physical and online stores. Images are key to achieving greater engagement, since businesses that have a greater number of photos also get more clicks and calls . This effect can be reinforced by including videos or even 360 video guided tours that encourage the user to go to the store.
Source: BrightLocal’s Google My Business Insights Study
Source: BrightLocal’s Google My Business Insights Study
On the other hand, the brand can use the posts on Google My Business to highlight offers, promotions or updates related to the security measures and prevention of COVID-19 that it has taken. It is a space close to the purchase, so the approach to writing these posts should be commercial .

At the same time, answering questions and reviews (even negative ones) will help other users to make the decision to purchase or visit the web. In fact, Google has recently launched a tool to facilitate the monitoring of opinions and to be able to report those that are erroneous, offensive or violate the policy established by GMB. At the moment, it is only available for businesses with a small number of reviews, but it is expected to expand to all accounts. Launch click-to-brick campaigns to reactivate the physical store network
In Google Ads you can create local campaigns whose objective is to transform online searches into visits to physical stores . When creating this type of campaign, it is necessary to define the locations of the stores that you want to advertise. This can be done by linking the GMB listings of the stores with the Google Ads account, so optimizing the profiles of each store in GMB is essential .
In addition, it is important to geolocate these campaigns , since they will be shown to the user when he is within the determined radius of action. In this sense, it is crucial to carry out an omnichannel measurement that integrates online and offline channels to evaluate the impact that digital marketing actions are having on sales and visits to the physical store.
The information in the Google My Business profile must always be up to date
Google My Business, a key contact point for users
The Google My Business profile is an essential asset in the local marketing strategy of any brand that has a network of physical stores, as it allows improving the positioning of the business for highly transactional searches and thus ensuring that the user enjoys an experience of full omnichannel purchase . If you want us to help you integrate it into your customer acquisition strategy, contact us and tell us where you are so that our specialists can advise you.

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