Google My Business Optimization During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Google My Business Optimization During the Coronavirus Crisis

The crisis unleashed by the global expansion of the coronavirus has caused pictures that only the most radical theorists of the retail apocalypse imagined : empty commercial avenues, blocked access to shopping centers, activity in restaurants reduced to home delivery and hotels made available to the authorities sanitary. The forced closure of thousands of establishments is completely changing the focus of digital marketing strategies and one of the most urgent channels to adapt to capture the current how to get a phone number in france situation is Google My Business (GMB) .How to adjust the Google My Business profile
Changes to the Google My Business profile will show up in search results and on Google Maps:Change schedules or mark “temporarily closed”Depending on government restrictions, two situations may arise:The establishments must close for an indefinite period of time : from the GMB profile it is possible to mark the label “ temporarily closed ”. Instructions for this can be found here . On the other hand, it is not advisable to choose to indicate that a premises is permanently closed if this will not be the case after the quarantine period. Doing so will limit your options to use the Google Help Center and other GMB functionality.
The stores have special hours : it is possible to add these new hours by modifying the current ones in the information panel of the menu of each location. This change can be done in bulk as shown in the video below:

Add posts and information in GMB description
The description field allows you to add information about the general state of the business such as, for example, what security measures are being taken to operate in these circumstances, if special services are offered or if there are delays in deliveries. In some cases, it can be helpful to indicate that e-commerce is active in this situation. Here are instructions for changing the description on Google My Business .

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On the other hand, the publications in GMB are mainly used to report updates instantly, although generally this section is more focused on communicating offers or specific actions. This GMB page is helpful for publishing .One of the main advantages of Google My Business is the ability to report on what is happening in real time, something that becomes essential when exceptional events take place such as measures against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Without a doubt, an important priority now is to bring the reality of the business closer to local customersDAVID MORENO , DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM
Implications of GMB changes in Google Ads
There are two main casesIf all of the brand’s stores have closed , Google Ads will directly stop showing location extensions in ads for the entire account.
If some stores are open and  gulf email list  some are closed : For location extensions with GMB , it will be necessary to tag open stores and then apply a GMB filter. For affiliated location extensions, location groups can be used to select which locations are open.
Impact on Store Visits datStore Visits analytics will not show data when GMB profiles indicate the closure of a store . Of course, when using data extrapolation and modeling techniques to guarantee the privacy of users, it may happen that some visit data appears in Analytics or Google Ads even though the establishment is closed.A man searches for local information using his smartphone
Google My Business in specific sectors
Undoubtedly, there are sectors particularly affected by the effects of COVID-19:

Restaurants : even if they are closed to the public, it should be noted if the home delivery service is available in the description of the file and mention with which delivery companies they operate. If there are special promotions, it is convenient to add them through the publications.
Hotels : if they have been affected by the restrictions, it is convenient to mark the “temporarily closed”. In case you have a free cancellation policy, it is advisable to highlight it with a publication.
Medical Centers : Google has a dedicated help page for optimizing the GMB for healthcare providers .
Supermarkets, service stations and other businesses considered essential : it is likely that it will be necessary to adjust the information about the hours. Especially in the case of food, it is also interesting to highlight in the description if they manage online orders and, if they operate with delivery platforms , indicate which ones they collaborate with.
Artificial Intelligence applied to Google My Business
The Google My Business functionalities are intended to ensure that the quality and reliability of the information is maintained in local searches on Search and Maps . In fact, to reinforce these changes, Google has put Duplex , its artificial intelligence algorithm , to track locations around the world to confirm as soon as possible their new hours or changes in the state of business.
Of course, from the search engine they warn that the approval of the adjustments may be slowed down, since their own staff has been reduced and they are giving priority to health facilities.

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