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It is advisable to review everything that has to do with Google Tag Manager settings and Google AdWords conversions.
The world of advertising is get german number changing at an extraordinary rate. For this reason, it is convenient to review everything that has to do with the configuration of Google Tag Manager and Google AdWords conversions.A configuration that although it has some nuances somewhat different from those it had a while ago, has not changed the possibilities we had in terms of conversions.WHAT STEPS SHOULD WE FOLLOW TO CONFIGURE THE GOOGLE TAG MANAGER?
This time we are going to focus on this way of measuring conversions. A way of Google Tag Manager that has nothing to do with gtag. In fact, these two modalities are not yet fully compatible.To register our label we have to access the “Conversions” menu of the Google Adwords platform. Once there, we have to select the type of conversion that we want to identify.
At this point, a series of configuration alternatives will appear, among which we can highlight the followingIn this case, what we have to define is whether it is a static or dynamic value. In both cases, it is worth delving a little deeper through the Google documentation, because that way we can fully exploit both possibilities.Count
This aspect is very important to the point that it can cause the collected data to vary a lot. And it is that what it is about is to count each and every one of the conversions that are carried out or only one per client.

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This is something that gulf email list  data analysts must take into account when making the necessary adjustments in online advertising strategies. Conversion saleAlthough by default we find a value of 30 days, it must be said that it is the time in which a certain conversion will be attributed to a click that occurs in a Google AdWords ad.

And is that if the user accessed through Google AdWords, the system will remember this access during that period.Attribution model
The default value that the system offers us is “last click” although, of course, it can be changed.
Once the configuration has been carried out, the system will offer us a code based on the parameters previously entered. It is a code that we can include in two different ways:
On the one hand we can use the Google AdWords tag in GTM.
On the other hand, we can also make use of fully customized HTML type tags.
Anyway, from our point of view, it must be said that there is no better alternative than another. The best thing to do is to test the different options and see which one best fits what the project requires.
Google Tag Manager
It is best to try the different options and see which one best suits what the project requires.
Although it is true that each project may have its personal motivations, it must be said that there are some aspects that are key from an objective point of view.
Above all, it must be said that using Google’s own platform is always an advantage. There is a huge amount of documentation, it is always up to date and it is the one that gives us the most possibilities.
It must also be said that the information that Google collects, today, is the most truthful with which we can find. That is why all this data can be very useful, especially when we want to know if we have achieved the objectives.The support that the Google AdWords experts give us must also be taken into account. This means that any person or company is always able to know at all times how to configure their Google Tag Managers effectively.


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