Great Place To Work… What is that? How do you do it? Invest there?

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Great Place To Work… What is that? How do you do it? Invest there?

The other day I participated in an international conference at the Los Tajibos hotel in Bolivia called “How to create a Great Place To Work culture” by José Tolovi, president of Great Place To Work Brazil (whom I congratulate for it). In today’s topic I will comment on what a Great Place To Work culture is; the 9 steps that these types of companies have in common and even some ideas to invest here, especially in the face of the crisis that is on our heels.
There is an institute in charge of defining those companies in which it is considered that they are places with a very good working environment to work; This institute called precisely by the name Great Place To Work, what it does is develop a series of lists that show the best companies to work for in certain countries; continents and even have in mind … the world. These lists are generated by means of questionnaires that are made to companies that participate anonymously (Unless they appear in the first positions of the lists) whose results depend largely on the opinion of the employees, apart from evaluating other aspects; But let’s say the weight really is on employee feedback about the company.

Why should a Great Place to Work culture be generated?In the first place, because it has been shown that a better work environment equals greater productivity; simply because the employees who are in a better environment; they develop better.
Second, because a company can be the best pay in the market; but in the long run if it doesn’t have a good atmosphere; It cannot be a Great Place To Work and this will be reflected tomorrow.
The last detail is that today you work harder; longer and often as a team; Therefore, a healthy work environment must be kept in mind that encourages and keeps all these aspects in tune.
The Employee Perspective of a Great Place To Work:
For an employee, a Great Place To Work is an excellent place to work; where you trust the people you work with; he is proud of what he does and enjoys sharing the work with his colleagues. The essential key to the model is trust; which corresponds to 3/5 of this entire model. To understand more about this aspect; within trust we find three important aspects to take into account: credibility (that inspires us with trust); respect (How I feel treated) and finally impartiality (How one sees the rules or fairness of the company)What is sought then in every Great Place To Work model is a company where everyone’s successes are celebrated; where employees feel important and treated; a company where one can be oneself; have a good relationship with bosses and that they are competent, ethical and honest; finally, it should be a place that inspires us to work.
Something they commented at the conference is that Great Place To Work companies have a gift dynamic. This means that people work better because they receive or to have the gift, which does not mean yes or yes a matter of money; but many times important companies have gifts for their employees. Among the examples mentioned, it was mentioned a company that had several young employees and that instead of paying them in part with food tickets; They gave them “Nighttime” tickets so they could go out dancing; have drinks or go to discos.

The circle that is generated throughout this process is as follows: First the management offers a gift; the collaborators accept this gift and therefore offer their GiftWork; Management accepts GiftWork and therefore begins the process over again. Obviously companies behave like any company; but they have the GiftWork concept incorporated into their tools, which greatly helps to create an excellent work environment.
The differences between a common company and a Great Place To Work are as follows: In the Great Place To Work everyone grows (In the common company it is something individual).
Managers know that they can be vulnerable, they don’t know everything and they need the team. The information is open and transparent, so everyone feels confident and can celebrate successes.
-There is an open relationship with bosses and superiors; increases the exchange of ideas and communication.
Recruitment is specialized rather than open to all; They are looking for people with values ​​that adapt to the culture of the company.
The currency of exchange is trust; You work not only for money but because you trust that company, in that environment and you feel comfortable there.
The management perspective:There are a total of 9 steps or rather 9 points to take into account to generate a Great Place To Work; Obviously these points are complementary to all the other activities that a company can do to be better; therefore they should not be taken as uniqueCompanies are looking for people compatible with their corporate culture; they hire talented people who contribute to the growth of the organization. It is much cheaper to hire these types of people than to try to mold them.
Show people that their work is very important to the company. People must be helped to understand the meaning of their role. From the top to the lowest position in the organization, everyone is important.
An example of this is the doorman; a doorman can be key since with good treatment and charisma he can appease customers; so that they enter the company in a good mood.

You must speak up and tell the truth. Information must be honest and transparent so that everyone can contribute.An example of this is a company that was going to create a soccer field for its employees and communicated this to them; The employees asked if instead of using that money, they could create a covered space to store the bicycles because when it rained they would break. In the end, both things were built; But the contribution of the employees helped to improve the environment of the company.
It must be accessible so that people can ask questions, make suggestions and express their concerns and criticisms. Employees are often believed to have no right to speak; but they are the ones who work and are in contact with the clients; therefore they can know to have better critics at the time of optimizing a company in some point.
Remember that the best Ukraine Phone Number List men are going to speak before the strike; But the best companies talk all the time to avoid the strike.As an example, a supermarket chain was mentioned, talking to its employees; one of them commented that every day he had to travel 2 hours to work, when one block from his house he had a store belonging to the same chain. The company analyzed this and reorganized everything so that employees worked in the location closest to their homes, thus avoiding wasting time and money on travel.Show appreciation for GiftWork from employees in creative and innovative ways. It is important not to fall into the bureaucracy of not always falling into the same thing.
Many companies when their employees serve a certain time in the company give them a diploma or picture. This is typical. What must be done is to innovate and try to make recognitions that employees really value and feel happy and that their work is really recognized and not that they are facing a typical act.
Support people to grow personally and professionally. When our company has better people; you have better professionals.


Among the examples that I lived in the conference there was a comment on a company that had many employees who liked to collaborate with society; therefore they lowered their working hours so that they can use a few hours to participate in these activities. No hours of work were lost; investing in better people was being done.Other companies  gulf email list even pay their employees free universities or even private lessons to develop as individualsOffer special and unique benefits to people; take care of personal crises. The best companies take care of very precise things.This is precisely the case that I mentioned a little before about the company (an advertising agency) that saw that its employees were young and they liked to get together at night and eat something with each other or go out to a bar. Therefore he began to give them vouchers and tickets to consume these thingsCelebrate organizational and personal successes in special and innovative ways; the achievement of all or some is celebrated.
A simple example is for example some companies that when an employee has a child; or your child graduates; they throw a small party or everyone is informed of this event. This kind of thing makes the company feel more like a home than just a workplace.Share business results in a balanced way among everyone who helped produce them. As simple as being fair; It must be understood that people are part of the organization and everyone wins.

I will never forget a boss that I had that many times made me work on things that not only did not recognize my achievements but also found out about the recognition of that person at my expense. No matter how much they pay a fortune; in such environments it becomes somewhat toxic to work.
Anyway, these are the 9 aspects to take into account and that all the companies cataloged with Great Place To Work have in common, but now I am going to talk about an interesting aspect; since within the conference the subject of the profitability of these companies was analyzed a lot.
Investing in Great Place To Work companies?
One of the aspects that most caught my attention during the conference; It was when they began to talk about the profitability of this type of company. Let’s think about the following, if companies that have an excellent work environment increase their productivity; it means to a large extent that they will increase their profitability since everyone is really working. It is not necessary to clarify why people will be working, but remember that these people know that they are important and are grateful to work there.
Among the graphics that we visualize in the talk; Great Place To Work companies were seen to outperformcompanies that Fortune rated the best and even the best that were in various market indicators. The profitability of the 100 best Great Place To Work companies in the US from 1998 to 2007 was 11.85%; followed by the 100 best Buys & Holds with 9.07%; then by the S & P500 with 5.93% and other data more. It was even clear that this type of company overcame crises better than other companies.
Among several graphs, we also saw the comparison of resignations between the 100 best Great Place To Work companies and the average by industry where the low level of resignation in these companies is really appreciated; something quite obvious recognizing that they are excellent work environments.
And so we saw several graphs either by country; industries or companies that adopted this culture.
With all these details perhaps we can see new investment horizons; since as I could see the returns of this type of companies are very interesting; Even when it comes to overcoming crises, they seem to have a better level of endurance than other companies. In this last aspect, I believe that enough emphasis must be placed since, as many of you know, we are in the midst of a world crisis and we do not know what will happen between now and the end of the year.

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