Growth hacking as a new profession in the marketing industry

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Growth hacking as a new profession in the marketing industry

Growth Hacking is understood as positioning strategies in marketing, which is obtained through a combination of analytics, creativity that can make the number of users grow. Although it is not a combination of tools or techniques to attract customers, the truth is that it arises Taiwan Mobile Number List from the need to identify ways to create strategies to grow businesses. Who understands it the media marketing coordinator of Vans México, Yalia Bailleres. Companies like Vans managed to capture the attention of the footwear consumer public through analysis, in their time, in the field, as well as creative strategies that positioned it as a brand of a subculture.Taiwan Mobile Number List

However, growth hacking has become a trend in recent years, mainly in the United States, since brand or agency specialists who work under this modality require an analytical profile, being very creative, and arguing their strategies. Among the phases of Growth hacking, the Brother Cell Phone List product-market fit stands out, as well as functional strategies, scales of consumption habits, loyalty, optimization, until having the right ideas to design a product that is viral. According to Yalia, in the era of digital marketing it has become a discipline that seeks minimal expenses to quickly and noticeably increase the volume of users or income, or impacts of any company.

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