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If there is one social network that has experienced a truly extraordinary rise, it is Instagram. And it is no longer only a meeting point for those who want to share their life in the form of images. Now it is a channel that can be used to make sales. A scenario that does nothing other than value the statistics that they offer us.WHAT STATISTICS DOES INSTAGRAM OFFER US AND WHAT DO THEY MEAN?Each person, each company or each online online telephone directory germany agency will use Instagram statistics in the most convenient way for their interests. However, there are some objective interpretations that are worth knowing.
Statistics by publication
This is, without a doubt, one of the most basic but also one of the most important. As its name suggests, with this information we will be aware of the impact that a specific publication has had. Information that is composed of individual data, very interesting and complementary to each other.
Impressions Indicates the number of times a post is viewed. There is no need for interaction of any kind here.Scope. It reflects the organic reach of the publication, that is, the number of potential people it has reached.
Interactions. Comments, “I like you” or share. Here these actions are measured.
Times saved. Provides information on how many times the post has been saved.
Sent. The same information as in the previous point but with the particularity that here the number of times it has been sent is counted.
Suggestions. Number of times a post has been suggested
Global statistics of your Instagram accountHowever, while it is true that the statistics that the platform throws about a publication are important, the information that is thrown about a profile at a global level is also important.Thanks to this information, and although we will go into a little more detail, we will learn about the evolution and impact that a certain Instagram account has over time.

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Number of impressions. In the same way as with publications, with this figure you will know  gulf email list how many times your profile has appeared in the “timeline” of Instagram users.
Scope of publications. This information is the same as we had in the previous section.
Number of visits to the profile. With this data you can determine how many people have seen your profile on this social network.
Number of clicks on the website indicated in the profile. In the profiles you can associate a website. With this information we can know for sure how many people have reached our website from here.
Evolution of followers. A basic piece of information for our interests since you will be able to know how the number of followers you have has evolved over time.
Statistics related to promotionsAlthough it is not necessary to invest money on Instagram to obtain results, the effectiveness of paid campaigns cannot be doubted under any circumstances. An efficiency that, how could it be otherwise, can be measured thanks to the information that this social network offers us about them.Invested money.
Scope of the promoted post.
Interactions with the promoted post.
Followers gained thanks to the promoted post.
Why is it important to analyze this information?Within the world of digital marketing we can say that information is power. In fact, if we carry out a thorough analysis of all the information that this social network throws up, we will be in perfect conditions to make different adjustments to our strategy.
We can say, without fear of being wrong, that only in this way can we achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves. Hence, periodically, this type of analysis has to be carried out. It will be a really useful time invested in every way.However, these statistics are of paramount importance, especially when they are those of a customer. More than anything because this information is the tool that an agency has to justify its work. Something that cannot be doubted because the information that Instagram offers us is really reliable in every way.

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