Has Penguin arrived? Are you sure it’s a penguin?

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Has Penguin arrived? Are you sure it’s a penguin?

Today in Soy de good cell phone numbers for sale we will dedicate the article to pure and simple SEO . This morning my surprise was great to see that Google had “greeted” the web pages of various digital marketing agencies . Some have simply lost positions, others however have been penalized to the point of non-indexing.Since the end of the year, for September / October, the presence of Penguin, the Google “animal” that passes before Christmas to review those sites that were bloated with fraudulent links (artificial and non-progressive growth), was already expected, so that they do not benefit from the economic return offered by Christmas. The surprise was that it did not happen, unlike last year, when on October 20 he paid us a visit.Penguin’s last visit, on October 20, 2014, left several sectors with losses for several months. Websites of very large companies with a lot of power that had seen their income affected by being banished from the top positions.The power that the penguin consumes in the Google system is so strong and powerful that to date it had not considered spending them more than a couple of times a year. And the question is if he has already played ..Has Penguin arrived? Is it a new animal?


Some SEO experts I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with this morning claim they don’t know. We can be before the Google Penguin but with an improvement gulf email list or we could even be talking about “a new animal” that is in charge of sanctioning the sites with “spam”. This is stated in deteresa.com where they comment:«On Friday the 8th, changes in the rankings that are associated with search engine experiments begin to be noticed, but the fluctuations increase during the weekend, as reflected in the SERPs monitoring tools. There is speculation about the long-awaited new version of Penguin, or at least a spam-related update.
We will have to wait to see how the sector evolves, but it is most likely that after a few days or months we will know more about the subject. So now you know, if your page does not appear or has lost positions abruptly, you know that something is happening in Google.

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